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30 Best Interior Designers In The United States

interior designers in united states

Everyone wants to live in an environment that gives them peace and pleasure, and one of the many best reasons to employ an interior designers is that they are qualified to do just that. They have the skills and knowledge to change buildings into homes.

Today let us take you on a tour into the minds of some of the world’s most talented interior designers. Inspire yourself with these contemporary architecture ventures, and get ready to hear some names that will leave you speechless! Unravel 30 Best Interior Designers In The United States who are booming in the design world. And enjoy this fantastic collection that we have put together for you.

30 Best Interior Designers In The United States

The nation of the stars and stripes, which is home to many of the industry’s major power players, has oceans to show the world when it comes to interior designers. The best thing about America’s leading fashion exports, like the vast, diverse country itself, is that they deliver such a diverse blend of classic designs.

Unravel our list of top American interior designers, from Mr. Michael S. Smith, whose exquisite touch can be seen in the elegant grey living room above, to the bold and talented Kelly Wearstler.

Without further delay, here are the top 30 interior designers in the United States:

Kelly Wearstler

It’s a sure indication that a designer has dominated the market when their art is easily recognisable with a single look. Kelly Wearstler achieved the feat years ago after establishing her eponymous studio. Which has evolved from a boutique interior design company to a multinational luxury brand.

It’s easy to see why her super-creative designs have won her an A-list clientele from the film and music industries. With fearless curves and bold colour combinations meeting visual art, retro lighting, and a dash of Surrealism.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a multi-award-winning interior designer, is known for his sophisticated designs and meticulous eye for detail. The creative’s collection showcases a variety of looks, all of which are unified through an unwavering glamorous personality and stunning information.

With sleek ivory curtains framing the space’s archways. This serene interior shows the designer’s flair for showcasing architecture in the best possible light. Another factor Bullard’s work has such a distinct identity is that he fills projects with unique pieces from all over the world.

Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews creates stunning interiors that have won him the industry’s most enviable star client list. Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, and America Ferrera, are supporters of his work. What is his formula for gaining such a strong following? Since, there’s no place like home, the multinational interior designer distinguishes his spaces by infusing bold architectural ideas with a sense of comfort and refinement to achieve livable elegance. 

Michael S. Smith

Michael Sean Smith is a Los Angeles-based interior designer. Smith was named by President Barack Obama to the Committee for the Restoration of the White House from 2008 to 2016, and was in charge of the Oval Office makeover in 2010.

The California native is at the pinnacle of his profession. His art exemplifies a stunning synthesis of European classicism and American modernism, with designs. That juxtapose unusual furniture and decor finds against the most glamorous backdrops.

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald has carved a name for herself in the industry as an award-winning, widely publicised, and acclaimed product designer.

The Los Angeles-based interior designer draws inspiration from the past, current, and future to produce sleek, contemporary spaces. That carefully designed with an eye for unique fabrics, textures, and finishes.

McDonald is a great artist when it comes to mixing colours into room schemes, and her creations can range from a vision of wonderfully tonal palettes (as seen in this chic, subdued scheme) to an assortment of dramatic colours that contrast with just the right finesse.

Miles Redd

Miles Redd is without a doubt one of America’s most influential interior designers. After graduating from NYU, the New York-based interior designer started his career by honing his talents with renowned legendary interior designer Bunny Williams and antique dealer John Rosselli. Every space he hits has a distinct Miles Redd vibe, complete with his signature splashes of colour, modern expressions, and eccentric glitz.

Redd transforms rooms into a lighter, braver, more whimsical universe. That we all aspire to explore. So it’s no surprise that editors at Veranda, Architectural Digest and Vogue never weary of showcasing his amazing work.

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel’s iconic interior design company is known for paying close attention to the architectural aspects of buildings as well as their surroundings. Gambrel’s work is defined by beautiful proportions and meticulously curated vintage, ancient, and custom-designed furniture items. All of which are motivated by a passion for making timeless, cosy interiors that age gracefully.

To complement the property’s massive glass walls and understated architectural features. This neutral lounge – located inside a contemporary New York beach house. It packed with a deliberate blend of distinctive fabrics and exclusive accents. The room’s modern foundation is enhanced by dark woods, excellent surfaces, and intriguing print examples.

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry, the mother of American interior design, has been a constant force in the industry since establishing her studio in Los Angeles in 1985.

Aside from being the driving force behind a diverse portfolio of residential and industrial developments. The creative is also a product designer who has worked with industry leaders such as Global Views and Visual Comfort.

Barry’s designs are resolutely chic, whether it’s a chandelier or a Californian home; anchored in timeless silhouettes, lifted by enticing accents and bursts of colour.

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith designs stunningly layered rooms that have piqued the interest of influential figures in the film and corporate realms.

The Santa Monica-based product and interior designer reimagines the home for contemporary living, designing spaces that represent the unique personalities of their residents while still meeting the requirements of the modern lifestyles.

Her interiors are still elegant, with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements.

Nate Berkus

The designer extends his approachable, elevated architecture style to spaces all over the world, from Milan to Mexico City and Manhattan. His roster of clients includes supermodel Karlie Kloss and celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, whose home he designed with his talented partner, interior decorator Jeremiah Brent.

Berkus sprinkled antique French chairs and modern accessories in this living room in a Chicago high-rise. Sleek lines meet deep blue upholstery and yellow highlights to produce a lush yet modern look.

Bauer & Clifton Interiors

Bauer and Clifton collaborate with partners to design a master plan for stunning, functional spaces that can be completed all at once or in stages. As shown by their portfolio, they appreciate the diverse needs of private, commercial, and hospitality clients. BCI continues to develop and extend their business around the country, with projects in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Palm Springs to date. The couple enjoys a good challenge and is looking forward to seeing what challenges and experiences each new endeavour can carry them on.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Andrea Schumacher Interiors strives to produce exquisite, innovative, and gently polished interiors that embody the lifestyles, aspirations and personalities of their clients. This agency, based in Denver, Colorado, is well-versed in a broad range of aesthetics and styles that add meaning and versatility to each and every project they work on. They’ve been working for residential and industrial customers in the Denver area for over two decades.

R. Cartwright Design

The studios of R. Cartwright Design are located in Serenbe, Georgia and Clive, Iowa. They’ve worked with customers all over the United States, from Utah and Florida to California and Arizona.

Since 1995, owner Rebecca Cartwright has been designing interiors for private homes and companies. And she has been providing the highest quality design and customer experience with the assistance of her team. Using a custom and collaborative design approach that produces stunning results.

Living Spaces by Lyn

Lyn’s Living Spaces in Louisville, Kentucky, has a reputation for excellent work, with over 100 5-star ratings on Houzz and Google.

Lyn collaborates with clients and other experts to create design ideas that are healthy, practical, appealing, and satisfy the needs of the people who use the facility, combining innovation, technological experience, and business skills. Interior architecture, renovations, home staging, move management, and home organising are among their many offerings.

Jess Cooney Interiors

Jess Cooney Interiors‘ magnificent studio is located in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. This full-service architecture business focuses on home renovations, project management, and furniture design. They integrate eco-friendly materials into their work with clever rugged architecture and modern sensibilities in mind.

Soft, tidy spaces with rustic touches that represent the client’s tastes, desires, and the best of Berkshire living.

Stalburg Design

Barbi Stalburg Kasoff, the director of Stalburg Architecture, leads a team of talented in-house designers and contractors. Their goal is to assist clients conceptually redesign their spaces and build new frameworks to fit growing lifestyles. They are based in Birmingham, Michigan.

Inside Out Design by Angela Lewis

Inside Out Design deals for both residential and commercial customers and is based in Petal, Mississippi.

Angela Lewis, an interior designer, creates stunning, welcoming, and homey rooms in collaboration with builders and architects. She combines her distinct fashion style with an uncanny ability to predict what her clients want for their homes, resulting in stunning interiors.

Monical Design by Elizabeth Monical

Elizabeth Monical established Monical Design in 2008, which is a full-service design company that specialises in creative and personalised projects in the midwest contemporary aesthetic. This company is made up of knowledgeable layout matchmakers who create stunning environments for families, people, and companies by blending style and function.

T & L Interiors

Tracy and Linda, the owners of T & L Interiors, grew up on Lake Winnipesaukee and continue to incorporate their love of lake life and design into their home transformation operation. They collaborate with homeowners and builders in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region and beyond to build breathtaking spaces. That connect life and style in a stress-free and enjoyable way.

Deborah Leamann Interior Design

This interior designer is recognized for her classic design aesthetics, which have identified her as one of the East Coast’s top interior designers, with a total of 12 Houzz awards (and many, many more). Deborah Leamann founded her architecture firm in 1989 in the historic village of Pennington, New Jersey. She’s already collaborated on some of the most beautiful projects in the world, from New York to New Jersey to Florida and Pennsylvania.

Sandy Schargel Interiors

Sandy Schargel Interiors strives to create environments that are not only visually appealing but also entirely functional, with an unwavering emphasis on customer engagement. With prompt contact and reasonable rates, you’ve found your ideal interior designer in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Marie Burgos Design

This squad, which has offices in both New York City and Los Angeles, is led by founder Marie Burgos and includes four young interior designers, project managers, and artistic talents. They work in a variety of foreign styles, taking into account each client’s unique vision and needs. As well as furnishings types, colorations, fabrics and textures, and, of course, expenditure.

With a portfolio of both residential and business designs, Marie Burgos Design has been published in publications. Such as Architectural Digest, Aspire Design and Home, and Interior Design magazine. They still have an online shop of finely curated furniture, decorations, and other home decor.

Monica Hart Interior Design

Monica Hart Interior Design, based in Fargo, North Dakota, insists that an atmosphere should embody each client’s individuality and individual desires, and that the cycle should be enjoyable.

New building, remodels, space preparation, renderings, product selections, home refreshers, niche room designs, and more are among the services offered.

Micah Abbananto Designs

Micah Abbananto Designs, based in Oklahoma City, aims to create exclusive homes that embody the owner’s personality.

Every project has its own personality and style. They assist with paint direction, planning rooms or whole spaces, picking colours, and finalising exteriors on new builds and remodels of all sizes. They have a fully integrated design process.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, based in Portland, Oregon, specialises in architectural design, including customized home improvement, interior art, and furniture design. Timelessness, lifestyle and practicality are still prioritised by the firm in their work.

They now also provide online personalised and luxury services on demand.

Katie Armour Interior Design

Katie Armour reflects on her clients and the way they interact when it comes to interior design. Taking a new approach to designing safe and relaxing spaces rather than simply beautiful ones.

Katie, who is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, strives to build places that her clients are proud to call home. Katie Armour Interior Design has won seven awards and received over 90 positive Houzz ratings.

Designing Dreams by Ajay

Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Ajay Kittur has over 25 years of experience in interior design, room designing, and project planning, with experience in shopping, leisure, health, industrial, and residential projects. His extensive travel around the world has enabled him to research local cultures. And their effect on architectural design elements in other countries.

From 2014 to 2020, Designing Dreams by Ajay has won “Best of Houzz” every year and is a 5-star International Property award recipient.

Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Design

Marcelle Guilbea Interior Design has our vote for best interior designer in Tennessee, with over 100 positive Houzz ratings and 12 nominations. Elle Decor, USA Today, and Nashville Interiors have all featured the work of the Nashville-based interior design agency.

Her method for designing a “soulful house” starts by deciding her client’s “soul style,” whether traditional, contemporary, utilitarian, or sensual. She then designs spaces that appeal to the owner’s heart and spirit.

Allison Lind Interiors

Allison Lind Interiors is based in Seattle and works on both residential and commercial projects. They do it a bit differently for residential projects, forging relationships between clients and their spaces by cultivating a bond and really getting to know what they like and what they’ve always needed. They transform spaces into events and thoughtful places for commercial work.

Megan Brakerfield Interiors

Megan Brakerfield, who published in Architectural Digest, discovered her passion for interior design when refurbishing her third home in Milwaukee. She manages to use her ability to mix right brain imagination with left brain project planning, resulting in projects that are both stunning and affordable, having won six Houzz awards.

Original room preparation and floor designs, final construction scheme and finish selections, sourcing and constructing custom components. Administration of all of the above, consulting with business experts, and more are all included with our services.


Styles change, innovations progress, and new problems emerge in the field of architecture and design. The illustrious interior designers listed above are part of a group of trendsetters and standard-bearers whose work is creative, intellectual, and inspiring.

The interior designers chosen based on the characteristics of their designs. Such as the sensations they offer, style, color, architecture, project amount, and prizes won. We looked at 30 of the best interior designers in the United States in this post. I hope you influenced by these experts and gained a greater understanding of their work.