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25 Layered Hairstyles That’ll Convince You to Cut Your Hair ASAP

Layered hairstyles are chic, sleek, and incredibly beautiful.  They are a great way to add volume, depth, and dimension to your hair. Adding layers to your haircut gives your weave hair extra texture and body that makes your hair appear thicker and fuller. Keep reading to get some best ideas for your next haircut; here are the 25 best-layered hairstyles that will inspire you. You can use the clip in extensions.

                                             Sleek layered hairstyle for a fresh look

You don’t always need a super-shaggy layered hairstyle to get a fresh look; To get this look, straighten your hair and apply hair oil from the mid-lengths down to the ends of your hair for a shiny finish.

                     Layered hairstyles with caramel highlights for an effortless look The soft caramel highlights beautifully frame your face, adds warmth, and balances your layered look. Use a curling iron to create loose waves for an effortless look.

                                          Sexy layered hairstyle with shadow roots

Give your hair some edge with shadow roots and choppy layers. It gives you a confident, sexy, and fresh look.

        Change your look in minutes with layered hairstyle with a deep side part

Change your look in minutes with a stunning, statement-making deep side part. It accentuates your face and gives your look an added layer of depth. To achieve this look, part your layered hair deep to the preferred side and style your hair as usual.


The waves add texture to your wavy look and give you a fabulous look.

                                                      Transform your classic lob with layers

Take your medium layered hairstyle to the next level with layers. This gorgeous face-framing medium layered hairstyle works well for women with a rectangle face shape.  It will add a lot of movement and volume to your hair. Wear it straight, or use a curling iron to add in loose waves.

                       Ash-blonde layered hairstyle for a fresh and unique look.

Ash-blonde is one of the trendiest hair colors in 2020. If you have long hair, this style is a perfect choice. The face-framing layers add volume to your hair and are easy to style. Choose an ash-blonde color for a fresh and unique look.

                                  Short layered hair for fine hair

Adding layers to the bob creates texture, movement, and volume.

                                        Flattering face framing layered Hairstyle

Face framing layered Hairstyle looks flattering on all face shape, length, or texture. The layers fall softly around your cheeks, shoulders, and removes weight from your thick hair.

                                         Layered Hairstyle with bangs for a flawless look

Choose a layered Hairstyle with bangs for a flawless look. It adds dimension to your layered Hairstyle and gives you a fresh new look.

                              side-swept Layered Hairstyle

Apply a texturizing spray to add body to your hair.

                             Shaggy layered hairstyles are trendy, feminine, and stylish

They are a great way to deal with thick, long hair. The layers add extra texture for an effortless look. In between washes, apply oil to add shine to your hair.

                                      Update your look with pastel pink layered hairstyle

Pastel pink layered hairstyle can refresh any look. This shade is ideal for those who want to update their Hairstyle with a gentle and light accent. It gives you a feminine and sophisticated look. Moisturize your hair with Argan oil to maintain the shine, health, and color of your hair.

                              An ombre layered hairstyle is modern, cool, and fashionable

An ombre layered hairstyle is a great way to transform your look without committing to significant hair change. It is modern, cool, and fashionable. Use a flat iron and hair spray to create this beautiful look.

              Make a bold fashion statement with a colorful Layered Hairstyle

Make a bold fashion statement with a colorful Layered Hairstyle. Try pretty pastels and striking purple for rainbow effects, or stick to one color for a stunning look.

                                                  You can never go wrong with layers
If you are finding it challenging to cut and style your curly hair, choose layers.  I promise you can never go wrong with layers. They will help to structuralize your curls and keep them looking bouncy.

                                                             Stunning short hair with layers

A pixie cut does not have to be of one length. you can cut it in layers to prevent it from falling flat. It frames your beautiful face, emphasizes your cheekbones, and allows you to experiment with different colors.
Short layered hair style

It adds depth, dimension, and movement to your curls. Make sure you apply lightweight oil through your curls to add moisture and shine.

Be brave and embrace layered hairstyles for a new look. They are stylish, trendy, and look great on all hair types and lengths.