Hair Lowering: Best Way to Make your Facial Look Better

Hair lowering is a process where your forehead is reduced. This process is also called scalp adjustment and can be done during facial feminization surgery. The main goal of this process is to shorten the shape of your forehead.

Many hairlines are reduced up to 4cm, and the excess skin is removed. The recovery period for hairline lowering is quick, but the overall heal takes time. To undergo this procedure, make sure that your hairline is robust, dense, and stable. If, in any case, you have had a hair loss recently, this procedure would not be the best for you. It might cause more harm than good.

Who is the Best Candidate for Hair Lowering Procedure?

Hair transplant Los Angeles offers the best services for hairline lowering. The ideal candidates for the process are those people who have receding hairline. Both men and women can undergo hair lowering. They use surgery or hair transplant to lower the patient’s hairline.

FUE transplant is the best method because it is less invasive. During FUE, the hair follicles are transplanted to the recipient area without cutting any skin. If you are experiencing natural hair loss, this process is not the best for you. Medical treatments would be best for you. Make sure to research the best method before undergoing the treatment.

If you have any medical conditions, you should not undergo this process because it may lead to some complications. To avoid these risks, make sure you speak to your doctor first. Let him or her know your condition.

Types of Hairline Lowering Procedure

Hair transplant Los Angeles offers some different methods of hairline lowering. These methods can be either surgical or hair grafting.

Surgical Hairline Advancement 

This procedure involves the use of surgery. A skin of not more than 3cm is removed. After the excess forehead skin is removed, the remaining part is put back using stitches. The outcome of this process is a reduced forehead. The surgery will cause a scar that can be hidden by hair grafting. To avoid scarring, a scalp will be put behind the skin. This scalp will attach the skin with the muscles.

Hair Grafting

This is another procedure for hair lowering. This method involves planting hair in front of the hairline. It is a non-surgical method and is sometimes used alone to restore the forehead. All these procedures are different in terms of price and your needs as a patient.

Before you undergo the hair lowering process, you should avoid drinking alcohol or salty foods. This may lead to swelling and slow recovery. Also, make sure not to take an anti-inflammatory for at least a week before the surgery. Avoiding them will help you recover fast from the hairline lowering surgery.

Consult your doctor on what food to take as well. Healthy foods will help to strengthen your immune system. It will also help you with quick recovery. Make sure to research the precautions to take before the surgery. The research will help you avoid complications such as blood clots and infections.

Post-Operative Care for Hairline Lowering

After the hairline lowering procedure, the doctor will give some instructions to follow. Make sure to follow them to avoid some risks and complications. The following are the instructions;

· Do not exercise for at least two weeks after the surgery.
· The doctor will advise you not to wash your hair for two days.
· In case of any swelling or pain, take some painkillers or apply some ice. It will ease the pain.
· It would help if you also did not lift heavy objects to avoid sweating.
· The doctor will advise you not to smoke or take alcohol for one week.


Hair transplant Los Angeles is the best place to get your hairline lowered. The specialist there will offer you satisfactory results. They offer all types of hair transplant. The most popular one is the FUE hair transplant. Make sure you follow the doctor’s instructions for quick recovery.

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