21 Roleplay Plots Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

One thing that a lot of creators realize is that it’s great to have characters and diverse universes to create but what’s the point of it if you don’t have anything to use them? A lot of people use roleplaying as a fun method to create characters, no matter if they’re from an original source or an established fandom. It’s a great escape for many, but what happens if you’re out of ideas? It’s not a good situation for you to find yourself in. Therefore, here are a few various Roleplay Plots Ideas.

21 Roleplay Plots Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Roleplay Plots Ideas
Roleplay Plots Ideas

1. Guardian Angel

Person A has experienced many near-death experiences throughout their lives. They ought to be dead, but it’s as though there is something protecting them. They then meet Person B, their guardian angel.

2. Vampire Prince

One of the vampires is Prince. They are the rulers of the kingdom and are seated on the throne, however the throne is contested. Each year, a sacrifice is taken from a nearby village to The Vampire Royalty. They kidnap the person B and transfer their bodies into the castle.

From here, you are able to go anywhere you like! Person A can transform person B to a vampire. Person A could be merciful to them and return them in the community, and keep them as a pet similar. This is a very wide-ranging game and you should just enjoy it!

3. Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor

One of the patients is mentally hospital patient who is there for whatever reasons you’d prefer. To date, no one has been able to progress with the patient A. This is until the Person B appears.

This is a good choice If you enjoy delving in characters as well as their relationships with other characters.

4. Western Universe

Person A is on the edge of the ranch and spot Person B lying on the ground. Person B is wounded and is likely to be dead If they don’t receive help.

I left this one open. Is Person A willing to be willing to take the risk and aid Person B? What would it cost them If they do?

5. Werewolf Universe

I don’t have any information specific to this particular song. I think it’s sort of an oldie but still a great one. Like the Vampire one, there are numerous ways to take it. Do they have a similar appearance? Are they both human? Do they both get turned while the other one has to take care of it? Do two werewolves fighting? There are a lot of possibilities in this scenario Just do it.

6. Zombie Apocalypse

After having lost all their possessions, friends, and allies, Person A discovers themselves alone and without defence. This is until they cross into the people of Person B’s group. What is the reaction of Person B? Does he or she accept the Person A’s invitation with all of their hearts or are they cautious and suspicious?

7. Reverse!Verse

This is mainly applicable to fandom-related characters. Find the protagonists and change their roles and enjoy roleplay plots. Create them as the opposite of what they actually are and see where that takes you.

8. Ghost and Haunted

Person A has been moved in to their latest residence. (Apartment Mansion, Apartment or a cozy townhouse Whatever you’d like) For the first couple of nights, everything is quiet. Things begin to turn chaotic and they meet Person B. The house was inhabited by Person B at one time. They were killed and remained in their house as ghosts.

9. Memory loss

People A and B have been friends with each for a long time. Person A is involved in an accident, causing head injuries and leading them to forget about Person B or all they’ve known. It’s the responsibility of Person B to aid them in remembering and, if they can’t to assist them in figuring out what happened to them.

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10. Body Swap

I think this is pretty straightforward. Person A and B swap bodies for a period of time. There is chaos as they try to appear to be one the other and work out their differences.

11. Purge

(As in the film, “Purge”)

Both Persons A and B go through Purge. They are in a fight against each other who would like to kill them.

This one is pretty open also. Enjoy figuring out the characters you choose to play and their status, and other things similar to that.

12. Mind Reading for a day

Person A wakes up in a state of mind-reading. How do they are able to read their closest friend the mind of Person B?

This could be a great place to mix another of these! Perhaps Person B has something they wanted to keep from Person A discover.

13. Treasure Hunter Universe

Someone A has the reputation of a respected treasure hunter. They invest years in finding the most incredible treasure of their lives only for Person B the treasure thief to steal it in the final moment.

8 Roleplay Plots Ideas That Will Boost Couple Life

Roleplay Plots Ideas

Try these patterns

Roleplaying is a thing that becomes necessary when you feel that your sexual life is getting boring. The majority of couples do it but don’t discuss it. If you browse the internet, you’ll see a variety of costumes so why not take a look? If you’re seeking scenarios to start with, here are the top seven roleplay scenarios that will help you to improve your sexuality.

Exploring diverse character dynamics in roleplay can also delve into the complexities of human relationships, touching upon elements such as desire and personal connections. To better understand the psychological nuances behind these interactions, you might find it intriguing to explore the concept of what is libido through informative discussions like those found at VellaBio.

Fitness instructor

What matters is the degree of flexibility you have! What’s required in this scenario is that you assume the role of the student while your instructor is your partner. It is all about what you wear and the postures you enjoy to allow your partner to “teach” where your limbs ought to be. In this case, a down dog can be the simplest and it’s among the most relaxing positions, too.

Royally playing

Asking the role of queen or king with your partner as the faithful servant, you can turn on several people. You are able to command or play the rebellious prisoner, where your imagination takes you.

Massage Therapist

The classic however it is foolproof! Massages always stimulate the body. It can make anyone feel sexier, and a massage therapist can always be a winner. There are many varieties of oils available which can be purchased and used, based on the fragrance that your partner is fond of. In addition to the oil, there are many types of massages that can be very beneficial.

Boss and employees

The combination of the boss and employee is one of the most dominating and submissive dynamic. You’ve got a desk, your commands, and even your dress.


In this situation it is possible to play as strangers to one another. It could be that you’re chatting with the one at the bar or at a bus stop or in a movie theater. Nobody needs to know that you’re in a game! Your flirting skills will be useful in this case, and you are able to indulge in fantasies about sexual intimacy.

With the children in the house

If you have children and need to be quiet, this is a different situation that can be blamed on couples. Beyond roleplay, it’s the actual situation for parents. It is the perfect time to test your skills and ask your partner to keep quiet. Enter the storage space or some other location and lock it in the back so that children don’t accidentally catch you.

Artist and subject

The naked painting setup is an enormous benefit for those with an affinity for creative setups. One of you could be the artist and the other is the naked subject. In a simple robe or attractive lingerie, lace dresses or flowing curtains with dim lighting as your artist paints will give the sensual spice to your sexual life.

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