20 Trends That Will Rule Digital Marketing in 2020

If you are a player in the world of digital marketing, you have to be mindful that this is a area that is continuously changing and grows with a new phenomenon here every day. A digital marketer ‘s life, then, is quite dynamic. He needs to keep himself updated to give customers optimal performance. Internet marketing training will also help you to keep yourself up-to date with the latest trends . Below are the 20 trends we think are going to rule the world of digital marketing in 2020.

Increasing Subscribers Using Whats app

Whats-app is arguably the world’s most popular chat app. It’s already purchased by social media giant Facebook. Exceptional changes were found in the Whats-app apps after that. The ‘Whats-app Us’ click can be viewed on many platforms. Whats-app has thus become an simple and efficient tool for boosting subscriber base. Online advertisers can also see the story of Whats-app Ad making headlines in the coming year.

Podcast Popularity

Effective content is the backbone of the internet and podcasts are one of the best content resource we have these days. Podcasts have less subscribers compared to YouTube but they have enormous potential to expand. It also means you have greater chances to rule it because of lower competition. Features like voice-based devices, voice-based search & advancements in voice-based technology is making it popular.

LinkedIn Fundamental changes

LinkedIn is a social platform for people either finding a job or looking forward to getting in touch with a professional. LinkedIn is all set to gain more popularity than ever through PDF-based scrolls, better-reached videos and ethical engagement.

LinkedIn Cheaper Ads

For many advertisers LinkedIn ads are out of reach because they are way too costly. We shouldn’t forget that LinkedIn is a social platform that decision-makers and practitioners use. What else could be a great platform for sharing your idea? The advertisements on LinkedIn also yield excellent results. Those ads could become cheaper by 2020. Start working on LinkedIn ad right now if you have a good idea or definition.

Don’t Underestimate Tiktok

Despite its explosive growth in 2019, TikTok has shocked us. TikTok competitions, commercials, videos, on social media also go viral. This video production website draws more users, with a strong entertainment quotient. You should make full use of this platform as a digital marketer to improve your concept, service , or product.

Focusing on Local Language

Until now, the Internet had dominated mainly the English language. However, figures now suggest vernacular languages are all set to overrule English. TikTok brought that major change. In order to draw more consumers, giant apps now concentrate on local languages too. As a digital marketer, the phenomenon should not be ignored.

Stories Getting Popular

For apps like Twitter , Instagram , Facebook and Whats-app, stories have proved to be a game changer. People are posting more stories now than normal posts. Such stories normally vanish after 24 hours, but they have a vast impact. It has great potential for interaction with the audience. Don’t be surprised if, in the near future, career networks like LinkedIn also add ‘stories’ apps.

Improvement in Reach

Gone are the days when social media was controlled only by Facebook and Instagram. Video making platform TikTok has all the equations changed. Fearing its popularity, Facebook and Instagram are more likely to boost their scope for the message.

Emails Getting Replaced

Email is way older than Facebook and Whats-app. Nothing may substitute emails, when it comes to professional communication. Finally, it would appear that ads focused on the Messenger and Whats-app database could replace email marketing. Earlier it was hard to maintain an email database and several landed in spam. So, a suitable email substitute is eventually found.

Boosting SEO Using New Technique

SEO, an integral aspect of digital marketing is a strategy for improving your website rankings on search engines. It needs long-form material right now, and outstanding back-links. Digital PR campaigns like becoming a columnist in top blogs, newspapers/journals are becoming very popular for enhancing SEO these days.

You-tube Channels The next Big Thing

Experts expect that the number of YouTube subscribers will rise exponentially. For this, in the coming year, you-tube channels will rule the world. Digital marketers should concentrate on the YouTube SEO and keep video watch-time records.

Google Rank Improving trick

On Google search results there is a fierce competition to become #1. Experts also noticed that a blog with related podcasts and YouTube video, audio has increased chances of ranking on the list of Google searches.

GMB Pages ( Google My Business)

It is the new and most influential phenomenon which will soon be a game-changer for SEO. Build a page loaded with the right keywords and effective content with videos and photos to participate in. Make as much exposure as possible of this page on your blogs. That will yield positive results.

Augmented Reality is The Future

AR (Augmented Reality)-an immersive environment in which computers improve artifacts from the physical world-is the next big thing in the internet world. Instagram filters are the subject of the brands. Prepare yourself for live AR experiences and videos. It is a perfect tool for improving the user ‘s buying experience.

Digital Detox & Consequences

Internet overuse has caused certain psychological issues such as anxiety, stress, depression etc. People are getting sick of social media, literally. In the coming years you will see lots of subscribers steering away from the internet.

Bidding Adieu To Facebook Pages

Facebook pages has already lost its charm. Facebook has become a platform for the business and civic groups. Organic performance is getting stronger. Death of FB pages in such scenario is unavoidable.

Using Social Media For Shopping

Dedicated shopping portals are likely to be the past. Experts expect that online shopping will now thrive on social media stores like Facebook and the Instagram marketplace. Advanced apps to improve user experience will be included.

Going Live is In

The craze for Facebook and Instagram going ‘live’ will increase in 2020. That is the best way to increase the subscriber base substantially. It takes up the next stage of contact between the individual and the followers.

2020 Will Be The Year Of Influencers

When influencers provides a guest-post or back-link it is observed that it boosts a brands SEO . Zero in on bloggers or influencers that can help the brand grow for your client.

Interaction With Subscribers

YouTube had been all about sharing videos up until now. The new trend points toward providing interaction to subscribers to increase the user base across the YouTube network.

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