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How Much Covid-19 Affected To The Ecommerce Websites?

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The Ecommerce Website based business is fully flourishing in the last few years, especially in 2020. Online shopping and transactions were never getting necessary before the pandemic breaks through. But during the pandemic when the B2B sales became tougher. This eCommerce-based website shopping is almost becoming an essential part of every human being.

Online eCommerce websites are becoming quite useful when they are using AI. You can take Amazon as an example. Amazon’s automation system is a specially designed AI for reducing human effort and generating good revenue. These automation systems are more efficient to work better in the aspect of time and quality management.

All eCommerce websites can not make good progress in this pandemic. The revenue generation is calculated among the necessary departments. The grocery, medical-based eCommerce sites are generating huge revenue. But the other leisure products departments can not generate much revenue as they are running with less profit.

Covid 19 Affected To The Ecommerce Websites

The Covid 19 is not only a pandemic. It brings us a more modified version of electronic transactions and eCommerce.The transition period is running, but we already can see a few department differences among primarily eCommerce-based websites.  

Here is the list of the few departments which is affected by Covid 19 

1. E-commerce Websites Affect B2B sales

How Much Covid 19 Affected To The Ecommerce Websites?

The online eCommerce-based website is two types; mainly, one focuses on the B2C business; another is B2B business. During this pandemic, B2B is quite affected. Amazon and Walmart are doing their B2C business. 

Retail sales have dipped by almost 5.7% this year. But when the pandemic is spreading down, the whole economic drop is approximately 24% reached. The retail business will almost take two years to flourish again. Then there is the list of the problems the B2B sales are mainly facing.

  • The return process is becoming more complicated these days. Customer satisfaction is always based on the returning operation of the products. The channeling out of the returning products cannot process during the pandemic.

The supply and demand chain becomes disrupted. The requested items list and supply of desired items are other parameters for customer satisfaction. These both are disrupted during the pandemic.

The customer’s interactions and the communications between them become more problematic. The online websites are full of demand; they do not have that many vendors also. That is another reaction that caused them to bring a bad reputation.

2. Affect On Grocery

The grocery retailer is quite disturbed at this time. The grocery retailer and the supply of grocery items are becoming riskier. As this, both are associated with people’s own safety and security. Other than that, the eCommerce websites of the groceries are full of pending requests and wish items.  

Here is the list of the main affected areas of eCommerce-based groceries websites.

  • The eCommerce websites do not have that many vendors who can fulfill the customer’s demand. The customers generate their requests. They enlist their wish items list. But the groceries do not have that many well-connected vendors who can supply the items.  
  • The supply line was closed. As the transport system is disrupted for the whole year,  it is impossible to supply the items within the desired time limit.
  • The delivery agents are not available in some customer’s areas. The availability of delivery boy is also a big problem during the Covid19 pandemic. Most people do not want to get out of their homes for fear of the virus.

3. Affect On Medical

If you see the medical departments in a single word, you will feel maybe the medical websites are flourishing in their business. But you are wrong. Medical stores are always open in every area during the pandemic. The pandemic medical supply almost becomes impossible to cope with.

Here are some problems which affect the medical supply.

  • Medical services are disrupted during this pandemic. The service, especially other testing-related services, is getting messed up. The medical centers are trying to cope with the problem, and they want to give good service, but they also suffer from employee shortages.

The medicine supply is also suffering from a shortage of medical items problems. It means that delivery is quite tricky during the lockdowns.

  • Other than the supply problem. The medical department’s inbox is overburdened with pending requests and customer medicine wish lists. They can not supply the medicines because of the vendor and supply shortage problems.

4. Affect On The Non-Essential Items

Luxury items shopping is fully upset during the pandemic. The cloth, cosmetics, and other nonessential items selling websites cannot even generate their regular monthly revenue also. Unnecessary things are quite challenging to purchase. 

The human required items needs are fully focused on the list of the necessary items. As the monthly income of the customers becomes limited. The leisure items price is a little bit higher in respect to other things. The nonessential items websites are losing their regular revenue generation.

But there are some ecommerce sites like Amazon that have survived and earned more benefit. That time was the  best money investment idea to open a business with Amazon in that time where many people were losing their jobs. On other site many of the ecommerce sites had a big loss. The customers are more focused on the essential products of online marketing.

5. Affect On The Holiday Shopping

The holiday concept is almost obsolete this year as people are more focused on regular grocery and medical shopping. Ecommerce websites has implied of the holiday sales. But the money and the typical customer’s demand and requirements shifted from the orthodox holiday sale.

 The holiday sales are for the customer’s profit. And these sales and shopping schemes bring more customers and can generate more revenue. Now during the pandemic. The holiday shopping and the holiday concept are in an entirely dysfunctional stage. 


The pandemic has almost set a black mark upon our whole world economic system. The websites, when they will adopt to apply the AI properly and cut off the human effort. This artificial intelligence will help you to build any successful eCommerce websites. The more usages of artificial intelligence like Amazon and Walmart, can generate more revenue. 

More revenue generation can only be possible by solving out these issues. Artificial intelligence will help any website to work correctly. If you want to generate more revenue, then it will be prepared to invest in more AI if you look at the statistics. You will see this year, almost 14% of people are more engaged with social media sites. So if you want to generate more revenue, then utilizing the social media platform is also profitable.