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10 Best SEMRush Alternatives Like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest

When you are done writing good content for your site, the next step is optimizing it for the digestibility of search engines. An content creator can do search engine optimization with a ton of tools out there that can either be premium or freemium.  SEMRush is the most popular tool in web for SEO optimization of content, but it has some common drawbacks. 

Some experts believe that it is too expensive for their budgets, while other hold the opinion that it returns traffic data within 1 to 2 days. Truth is, SEMRush is not the online game player in tools that SEO experts fall back to when they need sensitive data for SEO research.

In the course of this article, we would be looking at 10 best Alternatives to the almighty SEMRush SEO research tool. Without much mouthing, let us delve in. 

10 Best SEMRush Alternatives


Topping our list of the best SEMRush alternative is Ahrefs. This alternative SEO Tool is a clear winner and has more or less similar capacity as SEMRush does. The only area where SEMRush bests Ahrefs is in its advertising features.  Additionally, Ahrefs has better interactive user interface, accurate keyword volume search data and also better search engine results page analysis. 


When you are looking for a tool that can do all-in-one SEO for you, it is difficult to find a free one. Though there are cheaper alternatives out there like Raven Tools, SEO powersuite or SERPStat. If you want an all in one SEO tool that can good as much good work as SEMRush does, then you should make Ubersuggest your pick. Here are some of the best SEO features that you are set to enjoy if you choose Ubersuggest as your alternative.

  • Website Rank Tracking
  • SERP analysis
  • Backlink Profile Checker 
  • Keyword research 

Another plus is that the Ubersuggest tool has a totally free version. However, if you just started a new project and have low budget for SEO research, make Ubersuggest a must have tool. 

#3. SERPstat 

SERPstat is an SEO platform that helps professionals  to boost the performance of their website in PPC, content marketing and ranking. With the aid of this research tool, one can investigate what websites rank number one in SERP, competitor analysis, Backlink profile and other sensitive SEO data. The SERPstat tool is not as in-depth as SEMRush is, but at the barest minimum, it is a good SEO tool alternative.  The difference in the pricing of both tools is another factor that can motivate an SEO expert to choose SERPstat as an alternative. The SERPstat tool costs just $64 per month, while the SEMRush research tool costs around $99.95. 

#4. Mangools Suite

If you are a beginner in SEO optimization, then Mangools Suite is by far the best pick for a SEMRush alternative.  This SEO optimization tool can be used to track the ranking of any website, perform backlink profile analysis, perform SERP tracking, Keyword research and investigate other important SEO related data. All this wonderful features of Mangools suite is all packaged into one easy user interface, so as a starter you would not struggle to able to find your way around the Mangools suite tool. 

As an SEO beginner with limited experience in doing keyword research, the Mangools tool can give you decent keyword recommendations in a few clicks. 

#5. Google Ads 

SEO research is not the only feature that SEMRush offers; they also offer paid advertising. This where Google ads bests them. Google ads is the best alternative to SEMRush in terms of paid advertising options. This is super helpful for digital marketers that want to fully optimize their e-commerce website. 

With the aid of the Google ads tool, you would be able to tap into some insights about your paid advertising campaign than the SEMRush tool. It would be important to note that they ads insights that you get from Google advertising are only available to you if you set up an ad campaign.  So, cut the SEMRush and master the Google Ads tool for better-paid advertising experience. 

#6. Long Tail Pro

Another interesting tool that can be used to substitute SEMRush is Long Tail Pro. If you fall under the category of SEO experts that renew their SEMRush subscription monthly, just for keyword research, then you should try the “Long Tail Pro Tool”.  You might end up with a better experience with the Long Tail Pro Tool.  The Long Tail Pro tool has an easy user interface, it is easier to navigate and can be used to discover long tail keywords to rank for easily.  They have a search algorithm that helps them to filter through the data and long tail keywords with much ease. 

#7. Moz Pro 

One outstanding offer that SEMRush offers its users is competitor analysis. They have an amazing interface and algorithm that can be used to fetch data of your rank competitors. But if you are considering opting for an alternative to the competitor analysis feature of SEMRush, then make Moz pro a must choose. Moz Pro SEO tool is famous for its Domain and page authority metrics that it integrates in addition to competitor analysis data. They have a navigation bar known as  Mo bar, that can be used to quickly fetch insights about your competitors. 

If you want to spy on your competitors, both the SEMRush and the Moz Pro tool cost just $99 per month for their basic plans. 

#8. Buzzsumo

One interesting feature of SEMRush is its social media toolkit. With the aid of this SEMRush integration, a subscriber can schedule posts and centralize SMM insights. As a plus, SEMRush has a social media ad builder that can help any digital marketer to fully optimize their social media ad experience. 

The best alternative for digital marketing with some SMM integration is Buzzsumo.  Other than social media optimization of your site, Buzzsumo also offers article ideas, tracks your site performance and helps subscribers to find influencers that can help promote their business.

The Buzzsumo tool is not an all-in-one SEO tool, it only bests the SEMRushtool because of its ever increasing affinity for social media platforms. For instance, when performing competitor analysis, you would find your competitors backlinks and their social media reach.  This tool is best for digital marketers that rely on viral content to bring in traffic. 

#9. Majestic Tool 

SEMRush is a great tool for digital marketers to deploy when in search of link building opportunities. But on a broad scale, Majestic SEO tool is one of the best platforms for measuring link data, and can serve as a good substitute to SEMRush.  Majestic is the best digital marketing tool that is focused on links. They provide accurate data about your link data basics, and help subscribers to estimate their backlink evolution with time. If you are not comfortable with SEMRush in link data coverage, then opt for majestic today. 

#10. Screaming Frog 

As a digital marketer, SEMRush, SERPstat and Ubersuggest are great tools to try if you want to perform site wide audits. But, if you want to take things further, you should try Screaming frog. The site auditing capability of screaming frog is one like non other. Screaming frog helps digital marketers to get data related to search engine results page, keyword research or PPC campaigns.