Healthcare is a significant sector for a country and an essential part of human lives. The modern age sees a substantial increase in healthcare issues, as an alarming number of people are suffering from various diseases. A vast majority deals with the fluctuation of cholesterol, sugar-level, or blood pressure and need to take regular medications. Naturally, the sector struggles to cope with patients’ influx, and healthcare workers are high in demand. The Healthcare sector is booming and is offering various career opportunities. Gone are the days when doctors and nurses were the only two professions in the medical industry. Today, it encompasses different subfields and offers a plethora of career paths.

Nurses are a fundamental part of healthcare as they help doctors perform their duties and care for them. With technology advancements and new research findings, new fields in the nursing sector have emerged and made it a vast department. Practical nurse and healthcare assistants are two meaningful careers in healthcare, and both are gaining immense momentum.

Many people want to venture into these prominent healthcare fields but do not possess much knowledge. Below we are giving a comprehensive insight into the difference of opinions about practical nurses and healthcare assistants.


Practical Nursing, commonly referred to as PN-requires, equips people with the necessary information and supports them in becoming a registered nurse. Healthcare assistants do not need an advanced degree. They can efficiently serve as a healthcare assistant after getting a General Education Diploma or high school diploma. Various prestigious universities offer PN programs. Students can enroll in them to get an insight into the field and learn the skills needed to serve as a registered practical nurse. E-education has provided ease of flexible schedules. With an Online Bachelor’s and

Online Master of Science in Nursing, you can learn the skills while fulfilling your other responsibilities. After completion of the degree, they conveniently land a job in a reputed healthcare facility center.

Roles and Responsibilities

Practical nurses a prestigious designation, and they are responsible for planning for patients as per their diagnosis and treatments. They regularly obtain patients’ vitals and maintain a record for them. Besides providing routine care to sick people, they ensure that patients get their medication on time. Practical nurses develop an observational chart so that other healthcare workers also get an idea about patients’ medical records.

As the name implies, healthcare assistants assist other healthcare workers in performing clinical duties. They take patients’ temperatures, weight, pulse, and respirations and usually prepare a chart before a doctor’s visit.  They communicate with the patients’ families and send the messages of doctors across. Their other duties include keeping a check on the medical supplies and ensuring that there is neither an excess nor a shortage. Many patients who suffer from physical injury also deal with depression and anxiety, and healthcare assistants promote positive mental and social health.


Healthcare assistants work under the guidance of qualified nurses. Generally, they do not perform a duty alone and have someone to direct them, and they perform their tasks as per given orders. Healthcare assistants are a vital aspect of any medical facility center. They work in clinics, hospitals, or governmental medical service providing centers.

Practical nurses have a good understanding of their field, and they often make significant decisions for patients’ betterment. They can serve in various roles in the healthcare industry. Apart from other medical facility centers, like clinics, hospitals, specialized care centers, and outpatient care centers, they can also take more specialized residential care roles.


Practical nurses land a job quickly after the completion of their degree. They earn a substantial amount against their services, and with experience and expertise, their earnings can go much higher. They possess a prestigious yet responsible designation in the healthcare sector and generally get a handsome salary. Besides, many of them also work as a hospice, which is an additional income for them. PN is one of those professions that is still paying a fair amount despite the global economic crisis.

As it sounds, assistants do not earn as much as practical nurses. Still, the good part is that they work alongside professional and skillful people. Their job adds to their experiences, and they learn many on-field tasks in their everyday lives. Healthcare assistants can easily enroll in online learning programs and work their way up to a more substantial and secure career. Healthcare assistants deal with people from all walks of life, and their job helps them expand their horizons. 


The Healthcare industry is expanding, and new fields are emerging now and then. Medical assistants or healthcare assistants provide support to other medical workers. They are the administrative employees. Practical nurses’ jobs are challenging, and they often have to put in long hours at work. They learn specialized skills in providing care to the patients and carry their demanding duties with a broad smile. Healthcare assistants and practical nurses are both critical elements of the healthcare sector. They play an integral part in providing care and services to the patients, which is the healthcare sector’s primary objective.

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