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Why do Students Lack in Writing Thesis By Themselves?

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Writing Thesis is not as easy as it seems. People think it’s easy to mix around some words and put forth a written piece but it is much more complex. Good writing includes proper sentence structures, correct grammar, planned layouts, the ability to communicate with the reader, etc.

The main aim of writing something is to convey ideas to the readers concisely, no matter what you’re writing about, you have to be engaging for the readers by inducing their interest and efficiently conveying your message all the while explaining it. Writing requires time and effort which not everyone can spare.

Writing Thesis is an important aspect of our everyday life, it is used everywhere and is frankly a need for every single person in this world. Like everything else, writing is the most important factor for academics, students are graded on the basis of writing and how effective it was. Students have to make assignments, and projects, give exams, presentations, etc and everything has to be written.

In today’s day and age, everything is fast-paced and nobody wants to waste time especially students. Students consider writing to be too time-consuming and think that it’s too exaggerated and difficult. Writing requires skills that not everyone possesses but these skills are not hard to learn, once you learn the writing skills, you will find your life to be a hundred times easier.

One of the reasons why students avoid writing is that they lack writing skills. They fail to explain what they are trying to convey and find it extremely hard to properly express themselves through their writing. If an assignment requires the students to explain certain ideas with their opinions, most of them can’t find suitable words to lay out their opinions.

In Pakistan, most academic institutions use English as the main language but English is not our primary language which can create a problem for students in expressing their ideas precisely.

What is a Writing Thesis?

Writing a thesis is not like writing a small assignment, it is a laborious job. Most academic courses require thesis writing for degree programs. Writing a thesis is a research-based concept in which either the topic is given to students by their professors or they have to choose a topic on their own with regard to their academic degree.

The thesis is basically a statement, and in the writing process students have to explain why they believe the statement is right. Writing a thesis is to prove a certain statement with research, references, reasons, etc. Students might easily spend half of their academic course, writing and researching a thesis.

Why do Students Lack in Writing Thesis By Themselves? 

We established earlier in the text that students show a lack of motivation for writing in general and when it comes to writing a thesis which is a whole another level of effort, they absolutely dread it.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why students lack in writing a thesis.

• Writing Skills

We have talked briefly about how students lack writing skills. Writing Thesis is a detailed piece of work and it requires everything to be explained. A student needs to take up a persuasive approach in writing a thesis because you are telling the readers about your research and in order to make them agree with your ideas, you have to be convincing. This requires skill and not every student knows how to write persuasively.

• Research

Students need to research extensively so that they can support their thesis statement. You cannot make a thesis without researching and it is one of the most difficult aspects of writing thesis. Research takes up most of the time and requires tons of hard work. Most of the students just want to get done with things but with research. They can’t do that and instead have to work tirelessly. 

• Lengthy Layout

The layout of thesis writing is very lengthy. With all the research, data, literature reviews, etc, it gets too wordy. A thesis has an average of 40 pages and it is certainly not easy to write 40 pages of text.

• Busy Schedules

Getting an education is not easy these days. Students have to earn money in order to afford their education and working simultaneously with studying is not ideal but students have no choice but to get a job. Divided attention and busy schedules are also a reason why students lack in writing a thesis by themselves.

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