Why Should Parents have their Children Vaccinated?

You’re doing everything you can to keep your child healthy and safe. You’ve always been so cautious when purchasing products and using services for them. Now you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to have them vaccinated and have them complete immunizations recommended by their doctor. 

So, should you say yes to child vaccination in Singapore? Here are some of the reasons why healthcare professionals recommend having children vaccinated.

Safe and effective

child immunization

Vaccination for children in Singapore is far from home care products that you can purchase over the counter. 

Immunizations are only allowed for use after a long, stringent process. They’re carefully researched, reviewed, and tested by healthcare experts. Their uses and effects are studied and made known to the public. 

Yes, getting vaccines can involve discomfort afterward. Children may experience tenderness and pain in the area, and in some instances, they may also catch a slight fever. But these side effects aren’t serious. 

Your doctor is fully aware they’re possible and they educate and guide you on what you should do should they occur. Also, these side effects are nothing compared to the life-long benefits that vaccines could give your children, you, and even the people around you. 


You probably are already aware that vaccines can save lives. And it’s true. Before there were vaccines for diseases, such as Polio, countless lives were lost. 

child vaccination

The introduction of a vaccine spared and saved generations from contracting the same diseases. Thanks to the advances in the field of medicine, children today can be saved from life-threatening diseases. 

Vaccines, however, need time to fully take effect. Instead of waiting for a disease outbreak, it pays to have your children scheduled for vaccinations. 

Also, there’s a right time and age to receive vaccinations. You need to coordinate with your healthcare provider for further information. 

Protecting others

Several diseases can be prevented with the help of vaccines. While your child can still catch diseases even with a vaccine, being vaccinated reduces the symptoms, severity, and chances of resurgence. 

When your children are complete with all the required immunizations, you not only protect them, but you also protect the people around you. 

Some people can’t receive vaccines due to age, medical conditions, and in some cases, their living status. You and your children can protect this group if you’re fully immunized. 

By receiving the needed vaccinations, you also protect future generations. You can feel at ease knowing that some life-threatening diseases will no longer have to harm children in the future. 

Saving time and money

Acquiring diseases can result in lost time and money. Medical bills can rise quickly. When you or your children get sick, someone may have to miss school or work. This, overall, can compromise your finances. 

Vaccines are a great investment as they can prevent these situations. Their cost is only a little fraction of the amount you might have to spend if someone in the family becomes ill. Sometimes, they can also be covered by your health insurance. 

So, should parents support child vaccination in Singapore? 

Healthcare providers say yes and the above are only some reasons why. If you hesitate because you or your children have fear of needles or you have other related concerns, consult with your family doctor for assistance. Don’t let diseases harm your family if there’s a way to prevent them. 

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