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Why MBA Program Tackle Project Management?

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If you’re looking to advance your career, there’s a good chance you’ve thought of getting your Master of Business Administration (MBA). There’s sound logic in that. An MBA Program degree can elevate your credentials for the workplace. Some jobs even make it one of their prerequisites. What a lot of people don’t tell you about an MBA is it’s a good idea to also make sure you have project management courses with your degree. Here’s why.

An MBA is more than just finance, accounting, and analysis

An MBA program often has particular coursework that it must offer. Often, the core courses that you’ll have to take include finance, accounting, and analysis. Though this provides a strong foundation for the degree program, more and more employers are looking for a more well-rounded MBA graduate. In the U.S., many students leave business school and seek out project management certification online to improve their credentials.

Programs such as Project Vanguards help to fill the gaps for people who have an MBA and want to be a project management professional (PMP) as well. The certificate program gives you access to a specialization in project management you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Not only is it a certification, but their online courses help you understand the language of business and business strategy.

Project Vanguards prepared potential students for the PMP exam by utilizes the best practices and content provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI). You’ll have much more than the base that the core courses from your master’s degree program provide.

The growing importance of being a successful project manager.

In the early 2000s, company executives had already identified the importance of project management. Nearly 90% of them felt that it was critical or at least very important to any business professional. That said, the typical MBA student did not have the experience needed in project management to work at a high level after business school. Career paths in the business world were quickly becoming unclear for those without a project management body of knowledge.

Colleges responded with a shakeup in their organizational behavior for coursework. The MBA masters now began to include a firm foundation in project management as well. There has been a push to add online courses as well in the United States. Higher education, in general, is trying to make scholarships more accessible to a greater number of people.

Most people who seek an MBA program are currently working professionals, and they don’t have the time to attend courses during the day. An online MBA program gives them the flexibility they need to attend the classes and achieve their career goals.

How the global environment is shaping academia?

There has always been a symbiotic relationship between work experience, professional development, and higher education. What is needed to be successful after attaining a graduate degree impacts what is taught during the MBA program. Employers are looking for potential hires that have strong critical thinking, time management, and project management skills.

They want their candidates to have a strong sense of oversight. As management skills continue to be the desired criteria in the business world, there will be stress on the education requirements for the MBA degree to offer management education. Project management skills will shift from an elective course to a core curriculum requirement.

There will be a rise in higher education accreditation for a professional project manager degree. Indeed, this could start to seem more common in a bachelor’s degree as well. As long as the market research suggests that the business industry is looking for a background in project management, there will continue to be a push to include it in the course content.