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Why Is Identity Theft Protection a Good Idea?

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Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection is something that’s come up fairly regularly in the modern era. However, especially if you haven’t looked into it recently, you may not think of it as something that’s actually important for your safety. Identity theft protection is one of the most important types of insurance that you can have in the modern world. Here are four reasons why you should start looking into identity theft protection services if you haven’t already.

1. Data Breaches Are Surprisingly Common

If you read the news even semi-regularly, you probably already know how common data breaches are in our modern world. However, it may not have completely sunk in how common it is to see these types of breaches. It seems like multiple times a year, you see a news story about a large company that has experienced a data breach of some kind. Although not all data breaches are the same, and not all breaches expose your identifying information, it’s still best not to take any chances.

2. Identity Theft Can Be Expensive to Recover From

If you’ve never had your identity stolen, you have no idea how expensive it can be to have this happen. Identity theft can be monumentally expensive, and a surprising number of people are not prepared for the expense that they’ll have to consider if they’re faced with a large-scale identity theft. Identity theft protection services may offer up to $1 million in insurance to help you cover these costs.

3. Even Your Child’s Identity Can Be Stolen

One of the most shocking types of identity theft is when someone steals a child’s identity. If a thief is able to get the information of your child’s identity, including their name and Social Security Number, they may be able to steal that identity, as systems are less likely to recognize that the identity is stolen as opposed to an adult’s identity. If you have young children, identity theft protection can keep them safe as well.

4. Most Modern Practices Have an Identity Theft Risk

So, maybe you don’t browse unsecured websites or make purchases on shady stores. However, this is a very old-fashioned idea of what can put you at risk for identity theft. Even if you use the internet to make purchases on reputable websites, a data leak could put you at risk for identity theft. There are even some ways that people may be able to steal your identity in person. There’s essentially no way to maintain absolutely no risk of identity theft.


In general, if you don’t have identity theft protection in 2021, you’re probably not thinking too hard about your safety. If you really want to be safe more completely, it’s a good idea to use an identity theft protection service. There are many of them out there, and they can help keep you safe in a variety of contexts. Invest into your safety in the future today by enrolling in identity theft protection.