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Why Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Can Turn Yellow?

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There is nothing weird to hear that Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings has Turned Yellow. It has become a quite common problem. Due to various reasons, it turns yellow and makes a home look dull and ugly. But as nothing is permanent, this issue can also be resolved by eradicating the root causes. If you get to know the root causes of it, then you are easily able to get rid of it. So, all you need to know is the causes of the garage floor coating’s color change.

You will find various primary as well as secondary causes of it. Depending upon the issue, you can implement the best solution possible. Rest, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the amazing tips that help you get rid of this issue in no more time. So stay here and enjoy reading!

Let’s, first of all, start with the basic reasons behind this issue.

Primary Causes behind Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings to Turn Yellowish

Exposure to ultraviolet light

If we talk about the primary cause for epoxy floor coatings turning yellow color, then it is its exposure to ultraviolet light. When it gets exposed to sunlight or effective indirect sunlight over a while, then epoxy undergoes a photochemical reaction called “polymer degradation”. The polymer’s degradation further causes the epoxy to experience a gloss reduction. This entire process is called ambering. And when you familiarize yourself with ambering, then there will be no big deal to resolve this issue.

Extreme heat & oxidation

Extreme heat & oxidation are other one of primary causes for epoxy coatings to turn yellow. This problem becomes caused only when the hardener is opened to oxygen, and it slowly starts to oxidize and turn yellow. However, when combined with the colored resin, the result comes as a yellow tint. This is why epoxy has a restricted shelf life of around one year in an unopened vessel.

Poor-quality epoxy garage floor kits

When you buy budget-friendly or poor-quality epoxy garage floor kits from your local home renovation markets, then it gives you the worst results and also leads the epoxy to turn yellowish. Since the cheap quality epoxy floor kits do not have ultraviolet stabilizing additives, it turns amber quickly and loses gloss moderately if exposed to direct sunlight. This is why it is advised to always use the best quality epoxy kits. In the hunt for cheap epoxy flooring coating prices, you can face many challenges.

Apart from these reasons, there are many more. But now, let’s jump to some of the tips that you can implement to get rid of this issue.

Tips to prevent Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Use commercial quality high solids epoxy coating material

The first tip that we want to explain to you is “using commercial quality high solids epoxy coating material”. The quality solids epoxy resin have ultraviolet stabilizers added and even if sometimes they don’t, then its premium constituents & formulations will resist turning yellow far better than low-cost epoxy coatings. This is why we recommend you to use commercial-quality epoxy resin always. It can better help you prevent yellowishness.

Choose better colors

Ambering of beige & tan colors is far less obvious than grays or lighter colors. If you are applying a transparent coat, then do not use an epoxy clear coat. Garage floor coating with an epoxy clear coat will look more yellow when they start to amber. Because the yellow-amber tone is much more noticeable than others. So, combining it with the color coat ambering will give you a nice yellow color tone that will look amazing as well.

Use more color flakes

As color flakes consist of acrylic & vinyl material, it stabilizes the UV rays well and does not amber. If you prefer a medium & heavier broadcast of different color flakes that customize the look of the floors, then you will experience less epoxy floor coating yellowness. There are also numerous options to create an epoxy coating system, which is U.V. stable and will not amber regardless. So, the choice is yours! Either you use different color flakes or create a new epoxy coating system. Both will give you optimum results.

Apply a high-performance clear coat

One other best tip that you can implement is applying a high-performance clear epoxy coat of polyurethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic material. These kinds of coats are ultraviolet stable and they do not amber when revealed to direct sunlight.

Use polyurea garage floor coating kits

Last but not least. It is another one of the best tips to prevent epoxy floor coating’s yellowness. If you use the trending single-part polyurea garage floor coating kits that are growing remarkably well-liked these days, then you are better able to prevent color change. Although these kits may cost you a little expensive, however, when it comes to their longevity and quality, these are extremely long-wearing and are U.V. stable.

Concluding Remarks:

Concluding all the causes and tips, we just want to say that if you know the root cause, then implementing the best possible solution or tip will no longer be a difficult job for you. But if you don’t know the root cause, then you will find yourself in big trouble while resolving this issue.

You can also hire an epoxy floor coating company in Melbourne for more suggestions and tips. The professionals of the company will provide you with the best tips and genuine advice on everything required for the best epoxy garage floor coating.

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