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Why Choose Marble For Your Bathroom?

Why Choose Marble For Your Bathroom

Unlike in the past, today, homeowners and designers give equal importance to the bathroom design just like any other room of a house. These days, you may find various styles and concepts for decorating your bathroom. It is because most people like to enjoy their time while getting ready in the morning or when relaxing in a bathtub.

The bathroom allows you to relax, not just mentally and physically but visually as well. Considering this point, homeowners look for a decorative material for sprucing up their bathroom space. And, what else could bring visual appeal and practicality to your bathroom than marble?

Marble is a versatile natural stone with an irreplaceable and unique pattern that makes any interior or exterior design stand out. This natural stone is not just shiny and luxe to look at but also easy to shape into any design. It makes it ideal for installing into different sections of a bathroom.

If you’re still looking for some solid reasons to build a marble bathroom, here are a few:

1. Marble has classic yet modern vibes

Marble is used in architecture since ancient times. You can find many ancient marble sculptures in Rome and Greek. No matter what era it is, marble will always bring a classical vibe to your interior. You can blend this traditional sense of marble with some modern accessories like a high-tech shower system for a versatile touch within your bathroom.

2. Marble goes well with any decor

Whether you want to create a causal bathroom or a contemporary-style shower space, marble is perfect to work beautifully with any style. A marble bathroom will also work great with different color schemes and hence, could be an asset for urban homes for years to come. Another best thing about marble is that it doesn’t fade away like other materials. So, there is no need to remove it from your bathroom even after decades.

3. Shiny texture of marble makes any interior lively

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, today you have to pay attention to decor and design. The smooth and shiny texture of marble is ideal for adding a lively feel to your bathroom while adding an overall dimension to the given space. The shine of the marble surface also helps in elongating the widths of bathroom walls, making the interior more bring and decorative.

4. Marble adds a sense of luxury

Many people don’t like to shower or bathe. It is because they find this routine very dull and boring. But having a sense of luxury in a marble bathroom can make anyone likely to enjoy their time in a bathroom. After all, who wouldn’t like to shower in a bathroom decorated with the right accents and decor?

5. Marble makes bathroom flooring look more authentic

Marble bathroom flooring can undoubtedly add authenticity to a given space. The natural stone boasts simple patterns and textures that make it distinct from other stones used for bathroom design. If you want your bathroom to look more sophisticated and elegant, consider installing marble that comes in an extensive range of colors and patterns to blend with any interior scheme.

6. Marble is durable and resistant to moisture

The bathroom is a space where a lot of water is used in your house. Therefore, you must consider installing a material that’s resistant to moisture and water. Since marble is resistant to moisture, it’s likely to make your bathroom last longer. There is no need to worry about splashing or pouring water on the walls. It is also easy to clean, using only water.

7. Increase the value of property

Most homeowners limit the marble installations to kitchen worktops for adding a focal point to their property. But adding only one marble slab may seem too monolithic. To draw the attention of potential buyers, you must consider adding this stunning natural stone to your bathroom as well. Be it bathroom countertops, flooring, walls or shower surrounds – marble can enhance the overall appeal of the given area.