Wood and Composite Kitchen worktops London –everything a customer needs to know

When it comes to the décor of a kitchen, a customer needs to know the types in which kitchen worktops London are available and what type suits his kitchen the best. Though granite, Corian, marble worktops are known to a lot of customers, composite and hard ones are those which need to be looked into and be known to customers. So, these two worktops with their specs are discussed here to go through before making a purchase decision for kitchen worktops: 

Wood tops with hardwood:

These worktops are preferred because of their hardness and their earthly color shades. They give a natural warm look to the kitchen and are durable also. The wood used in these worktops usually comes from oak trees, iroko, timber, and even walnut trees. The wood used is sustainable and can go on for years without being prone to breakage or damage. 

The use for this type of worktops is specifically for dining areas and kitchens where food is prepared. Because of them being water-resistant, they are suitable for areas in proximity to a sink or a dishwasher, also because of their having a high oil proportion. 

Suitability according to kitchens and maintenance:

They are suitable for all types of kitchens and specifically used in new schools and contemporary themes. They, if maintained properly, last longer. But safety measures such as not using them as an alternative to a cutting board or chopping board or placement of hot surfaces on them should be taken. They are sealed with oil and varnish, at first, a simple coat should be applied daily for 7 days after that bi-monthly and then once a year is necessary for their maintenance. If a spill happens, cleaning them at the very moment is required but with water (warm) only. 

Strong and composite worktops: 

These kitchen worktops London are made up of a mixture of; crystals of quartz and a small proportion of binders. That’s why they are also called engineered composite worktops. The material is different from those of natural stones like granite and that’s why they can be one-shaded on the whole without marks and lines. 

These are very strong and that is why they do not let scratches or stains occur on them. They are also not affected by heat and that’s why they come with warranty or guarantee claims. 

 It comes in darker shades of grey, blue, and in some lighter shades of cream. It is more suitable in the kitchen with a contemporary theme or outlook. If any scratch occurs on the surface it can be leveled again with an acrylic restoration. They can also be cleaned with a wet or somewhat damp piece of cloth. They are flexible and seamless and that’s why they are used near sinks, in bathrooms, in kitchen counters and they have to finish touch to them to be placed as one of the best sellers of worktops as kitchen worktops in London. 

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