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Home » Top 7 Whisky in India Below 1500 INR- Know Every Detail

Top 7 Whisky in India Below 1500 INR- Know Every Detail

Whisky in India Below 1500 INR

Whisky is one of the preferred consumed drink by Indians. The best share is whiskey also offers some positive belongings on the health of individuals if expended in the right amount. These whiskies are selfsame famous. Also, some best-selling whiskey brands in the sooq produce a bit of Whisky.

Whisky in India Below 1500 INR

One of the most motivating facts is that India’s total consumption of whisky is around 48% of the world’s. Also, we know that from time to time, alcohol can burn a purse in the wallet. That is why we have accumulated a list of the best whisky products under INR 1500 in India.

1. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue is ace of the best Whisky under 1000 and is expended as the everyday alcoholic brew all across India. The brand was founded in the year 1997 by Seagrams.

Nowadays, Imperia Blue is prevalent all over social media because of its famous commercial, “Men resolve to be men.” The cost of Imperial Blue is Rs 660. So, one can buy this Whisky without any hassle.

2. Mc Dowell

If you are a fan of nibbles, then you must have caught Mc Dowell whisky. One of the most Whisky in India below 1000 proposals, a unique yet smooth merger of premium grain spirit and scotch. One can opt for similar types of whiskey, such as Canadian Whisky, Scotch, Irish Whisky, bourbon, etc., available in the market.

Mc Dowell whisky is industrial by United Spirits Limited, which is one of the significant economical whisky brands partaking a solid presence in rural and urban souqs. If you want an inexpensive whiskey brand, go for Mcdowells. It is amongst the best-selling whiskeys in the Indian sooq and worth trying.

Mc Dowell is one of the best whiskey in India below 1500 with an uplifting and rejuvenating brand identity. If you are looking for a perfect alcoholic beverage you can relish with friends, then Mc Dowell is astonishing.

Mc Dowell similarly has a lower alcoholic content that is top for beginners. Along with the whiskey, Mc Dowell also wholesales rum and brandy. Under this price choice, McDowell comes as the finest on the list.

3. Signature Premium Whiskey

When buying the most excellent whiskey in India below 1500, one of the vital factors that need to be painstaking is to look for the leading constructors of liquors, as quality is essential. In that part, Signature Premium is one of the best makes that offer whiskey in diverse flavors and the best quality.

This brand was announced in 1994 and is then well-known in a market in India. It is one of the top whisky products in India consumed on a large ruler and comes with perfect malteds and grans.

The price of this specific brand of whisky varies from state to state. So, if you are looking for the signature whiskey and its price in India, it is around Rs 920. Here, you can try tasty Pizzas with your favorite whiskey.

4. Teacher Whisky

Teacher whisky is one of India’s handpicked and sought-after blended Scotch whisky. This brand is also known for its composed sweet and smokey expressions. If you want a smooth taste and an inexpensive price tag, go for Teacher whiskey. It is a prevalent blended scotch whiskey in India, donating a smooth taste.

The latest price of Teacher whisky is everywhere Rs 1100. So, whenever you choose Whisky, Teacher whisky is an excellent variety.

5. Royal Stag

Royal Stag is also identified as Seagram Royal Stag. It is amongst the greatest whisky brands available in India through 1995. It is amongst the best Whisky makes that one might find available in diverse pack sizes.

One can easily bargain whiskey in 90 ml, 60 ml, 750 ml, 180 ml, and 375 ml carafes of Royal stag. In addition, the product logo represents a species of deer famed for its antlers. It offers Whisky with matchless quality, strengthening the statement of the Royal Stag Barrel selection in 2011. At a distance from that, you can try Amazon coupon ciphers to get special discounts on your online shopping.

6. Johnnie Walker

Initial 200 years back in a grocery store, Johnnie Walker is one of the firstborn and most well-known Whisky makes in the world,

This brand is known for its merged scotch, which can be found in different price series and flavors. Johnnie Walker is also a well-known name among the most-sold whiskey.

It is one of the most-sold whiskey products in the world. Johnnie Walker label is a fantastic brand wholesaling around 223 million bottles annually. In total, the price of Johnnie Walker is around Rs 1000. However, the price comparison between Johnnie Walker and Black And White whiskey in India is slightly diverse. The taste of both brands is quite popular and easily exists in the same liquor store.

7. Blenders Pride

This product was launched in 1995, and it is among the top whiskey in India that tastes good uniform with coke without giving any kind of headache or leftovers. It also covers around 50% of the premium whiskey part. So, while buying the best whiskey in India below 1500, remember Blender’s Pride name. 

Liquidizers Pride whisky is served with still or sparkling water and ice cubes. It also covers ellagic acids, which have excellent health benefits if consumed in the actual amount.