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Where to buy your french bulldog?

This article will help you find out which structure will bring you the bulldog you want and, in the budget, you want.

1. Breeders:

You will find beautiful puppies. Obtained through step-by-laws selected for their beauty. You can especially choose breeding that will allow you to find THE color of the dress you have chosen.

Puppies are draught, vaccinated and provided with the vet’s “certificate of good health.” Another advantage is that they are registered with the LOF (Book of French Origins, listing all the origins of breed dogs in France. Only dogs registered with the LOF are entitled to the name “breed dog”). The advantage of having a lot dog is that you can sell the protrusions of the males or the young of your female more expensive than a dog “French bulldog type”. Similarly, if you want him to do beauty contests, he will have to be LOF). Budget level, this is the most expensive solution because you will have to pay between 1500 and 2000 euros.

2. Pet shops:

For the choice, arrivals in French bulldogs are infrequent. Buying your bulldog in a pet store gives you the advantage of having a professional who can advise you on all the equipment to be had (basket, toys, food, shampoo, necklaces, leash, book on the French bulldog, etc.). And all this, of course, is available for purchase on site.

Even if the prices are a little cheaper than at a breeder (and this is normal), you will still pay your bulldog between 1000 and 1500 euros. In addition, they are not registered with the LOF all the time, nor are they vaccinated and pupated. You have to analyse all this before you commit to a payment.

Portrait of a golden retriever

3. In an individual

The bulldog colour you want may be on the other side of France. To have the chance to find the dress you want right next to you, you have to watch often! Budget level, there’s something for all the scholarships! From the male puppy brought “French bulldog type” at 500 euros to the little dog blue dress “pure breed” at 2000.

The big advantage to choose to buy a bulldog from an individual is that the puppies (who stay weaning near their mother for 3 months) have grown up in the home of the inhabitant and have often already received the basics of a training start because they are used to contact with Man. This will make your job a little easier, especially if you have children (However beware of ads that sell “clean” puppies, or some people have a funny vision of their own… In any case, a puppy usually loses a little of his bearings when he changes family.)

4. Associations

As we know, many abandoned dogs are waiting to find a new family. Unfortunately, the shelters are always so overcrowded. There’s probably one near you. Prices are often paltry (from 100 to 200 euros). From time to time there are French bulldogs. Puppies are rarer in shelters (because they are cuter, they get adopted very quickly).

Where I bought my French bulldog

For budget reasons, I made the choice to find my French bulldog at a private home near me. On a well-known site selling between individuals: Le Bon Coin. This is the site most used to put a sales ad between individuals so it is the one where you will have the most choice.

I had 600 euros aside for that. For the colour it didn’t matter to me, I found them really ALL cute. I didn’t need her to be registered with the LOF and I don’t mind it being called “French Bulldog Type”.

To me, she looks very much like a French bulldog. Besides, his two parents that I could see there are 2 beautiful (types) French bulldog. In short, you don’t need it to be written somewhere to see that it’s a French Bulldog! It cost me the price I had set myself (600 euros puce, vaccinated and certificate of good health).