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What Should Be Avoided on Amavasya? Avoid Alcohol on Amavasya

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What Should Be Avoided on Amavasya

In the Hindu calendar, the tithi on which Amavasya occurs has as great significance as it has for Poornima. One of the most significant moon phases, Amavasya is dedicated to worshipping God and providing to the ancestors.

These are the ways by which one can make Amavasya favorable. However Amavasya has its inauspicious aspect as well, and as a result, it affects a human’s body and mind. 

Here are some things that if you avoid doing on Amavasya you can save yourself from a hell lot of bad luck.

Buying Broom

The scriptures say it all, and according to them, the broom is related to the goddess Laxmi. On the other hand, Amavasya is considered to be a day that is for Pitra or Shani Dev as well. So bringing a broom into your home on this day tends to anger goddess Laxmi, and you may obstruct your wealth in some way. In order to maintain the financial flow, avoid getting a broom on Amavasya at any cost.

Avoid Consuming Alcohol on Amavasya

Both consuming and buying alcohol on Amavasya leads to bad luck. Consumption of alcohol on this day influences your mental state as well as your family negatively. The same you should follow when it is Poornima. Remember that Amavasya is dedicated to your Pitra, and hence it would be wise to use this day for their goodness and Pitra Pooja Programs.

Savoring Meat 

Non-veg dishes and meat should be completely avoided on Amavasya and any auspicious day. Consuming these dishes brings the ill effects of Shani Dev to your Kundli. As per the Lal Kitab, these ill effects in your Kundli later become the reasons for sufferings in life.

Purchasing Atta or Wheat Grains

On Amavasya, one should avoid bringing wheat grains or flour into the home. Purchasing flour or grains, especially in the Bhadra month always invites misfortune. You can consume wheat on this day but it should not be purchased on the same day. Because according to Hinduism one buys flour or wheat grains only for the purpose of feeding the ancestors.

Oil Massage

On Amavasya, it is said that you should donate oil in the Shani Dev temple and get the glory of Saturn. That is why you should refrain from applying oil or doing an oil massage to your hair. Anyone who has Shani Dosh in Kundli can reduce its effects to a great extent by donating oil on Saturday in the Shani Dev temple.

Also because it is the day of Pitras one must not go for any kind of grooming or adornment.

Pooja Items

One must not buy pooja items like agarbatti, pooja thali, flower, or anything related.

Different Types of Amavasya Vrat

On Amavasya keeping fast brings good luck to the observer. There are different types of Amavasya fasting that one can observe.

Amavasya Payovrat

This Amavasya is about worshipping Lord Vishnu. Once started, the devotee has to follow it for a year. The follower can only drink milk on the day of fasting. It is said that once a person keeps it for a year with the whole heart, it liberates him from any kind of mental suffering and improves his financial condition.

Amavasya Vrat

The Amavasya that happens to be on Monday should be celebrated by worshipping Lord Shiva. Since Monday is the day of Shiva, keeping fast on this day of Amavasya, one can reap great benefits. On this day one must present Lord Shiva with Bel stone and Bel paper.

Pitra Shanti poojan Amavasya

One more way of making Amavasya fruitful for you is by making offerings to your ancestors. Amavasya is mainly dedicated to the Pitras or the ancestors. On every Amavasya, they visit the Earth to seek offerings from their scions. The offering makes the individuals free from Pitra Doshas so they become liberated from any suffering related to Petras.

On the day, one takes a bath in the morning and offers kheer to the ancestors. This kheer can also be given to crows, and it helps one progress in terms of wealth and prosperity. Those who conduct the Pooja with the help of an astrologer reap the maximum benefits since every ritual takes place in the right order and method.