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What Is the Psychology Behind Wearing Jewelry?

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Jewelry is popular for many reasons but, when someone thinks of the motivations behind their go-to pieces, they likely won’t think of psychology. Yet, when it comes down to it, there’s no denying the psychological concepts behind your favorite bracelets, necklaces, and other jewels. A certain piece of jewelry can connect you to a moment in time or a person you care about. Or, it might show off an aspect of your personality, helping you boost your self-esteem. When you shop jewerly online or in your favorite store, you might not think of the psychological aspects behind it. Yet, as you put on the perfect jewelry for the day ahead, you’ll find that that piece has a much more loaded meaning than you might have known at the time of your purchase.


Wearing Jewelry

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you probably have a variety of jewelry in your collection already that connects to an aspect of your memory. You might slip a necklace over your head and remember that foreign city you bought it in. Or, maybe you catch a glimpse of the ring on your index finger and think of something wonderful that happened the last time you wore it. It might even be a similar color, style, or idea that makes you imagine another time or place. Whatever the trigger might be, there’s no denying that your jewelry can be a direct psychological link to your best—or worst—memories.


Wearing Jewelry

Like a piece of jewelry can connect to a memory, it can also mark your connection to a certain person. Engagement rings and wedding bands are perhaps the most obvious instance of this phenomenon, offering a blatant indication of your relationship in a solid, tactile form. These aren’t the only jewel-based indicators of connection, though. Have you ever worn a piece that’s a family heirloom and instantly felt its original owner—your great, great grandmother, for instance—was standing beside you? Save for, perhaps, her ghost, you haven’t actually summoned your beloved ancestor. You have, though, connected to her through this necklace or other piece of jewelry.


Wearing Jewelry

You turn to your clothes, cosmetics, and other accessories to boost your self-esteem. Why would that not be the case with your jewelry as well? Each bracelet or earring you wear is chosen for a purpose and that purpose is often in part, if not entirely, to help you feel more beautiful or confident. Even when you don’t pick out a certain piece yourself, like in the case of an heirloom or gift, you’re still bound to feel some sort of self-esteem boost when you choose to wear that jewelry. Sometimes, that’s because you know the work that went into affording that fine jewelry. Other times, it might simply be knowing you look good in your chosen piece. In any case, the right jewelry can ensure you feel even better in the bejeweled skin you’re in.


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Even a piece that was mass-produced in the thousands will feel a little more unique when you put it on. This is because your choice of jewelry is a clear indication of your personality, whether that’s the way you see yourself manifested in a certain color of statement piece or it’s a symbol included on a pendant or charm. When someone sees your favorite jewelry, they’ll see a part of who you are, even when it seems like a simple quality. 

In general terms, your choice of jewelry depicts four aspects of your personal psychology: who you are, how you see yourself, where you’ve been, and what bonds you’ve forged. You won’t necessarily find all four qualities in a particular piece but, even when you don’t quite recognize it, there’s sure to be at least one of these psychological concepts behind your favorite gemstones or other jewels.