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Top Mandap Decoration at Indian Weddings

Standing strong on the Indian traditional grounds, Mandap decoration is an extremely personalized and Indianized aspect of weddings. Suppose that is just about basic colors, or the entire wedding theme.  Without fondling around the basic guidelines of Indian marriages, mandap decorations are innovative as a whole. 

White Mandap Decoration

All White Mandap Decoration is picked by every couple who wants to keep it elegant. This type of decoration has got all the elements of flowers, curtains, sheets, and flowers. Some even like to add a dash of red to have a beautiful contrast at day weddings. 

While night weddings see a lot of creams and golds. You can also add floral arches or white floral domes to add glamour to your dream wedding.

Red Mandap Decoration

Red Mandap Decoration is one of the most popular and eye-catching decorations one can choose on D-day. Classic red is for those couples who choose the traditional color palette for their Indian wedding decor. 

There are some designs one can easily go for such as red roses and rustic combined together, royal red flowers and gold drapes, round mandap with red flowers, and a pinch of greenery, the red floral dome with brocade drapes. These are mind-blowing red mandap which is sure to woo your guests.  

Mirror Mandap Decoration

The idea of infusing mirror elements in your wedding decor is one of the most creative and popular mandaps one can choose. Be it floral decoration or disco balls, the mirror effect gives a special touch to your wedding.

You can always incorporate different-sized mirrors in your mandap decoration to give a bewitching and sparkly look. 

Curtain Mandap Decoration

The Curtain Mandap Decoration is a stunning mandap that is quite trendy these days. They look really amazing at night and the mandaps are generally raised and beautified with candles.

The curtain Mandap looks impeccable with beautiful flowers, especially the white and green combination. In this type of decoration, tall pillars are installed and decorated with white curtains. 

Chandelier Mandap Decoration

One mandap that can literally elevate any kinda decor and has struck a chord with our hearts is Chandelier Decoration. Especially the floral chandeliers. These exquisite additions not only beautify but also add glam to the entire space. 

Be it elegant and rustic ones or giant chandeliers heavily done in florals, every chandelier has its undeniable charm. Furthermore, you can pump it up with crystal and lights or candles and watch your venue in a whole different aura.