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What is the Omigo Bidet?

Omigo Bidet review

Omigo Bidet has an electrical bidet that can replace your toilet seat. It is connected to the toilet’s water line as well as an outlet that provides users with a hot stream of water to clean your groin after using the toilet and then dry you off afterwards with a flow of warm air. It comes with wireless remotes so that you don’t have to twist and turning around to find awkwardly-placed controls.

How to use the Omigo Bidet?

Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat is easy to use and simple to operate. A majority of buttons are easy to understand and have labels such as “front” or “rear” for the nozzle. That should be activated as well as minus and plus to control the temperature and pressure. As well as up and down for nozzle position.

It is as simple as sitting down on the chair to go to the bathroom just the way you normally do. After you have finished your business select the settings you want to use from the remote and press “Let’s Go!” button to start the stream. Once you’re satisfied with the clean, click the “Stop” button to end the process. It can take between 90 and 120 minutes to finish the wash and dry afterwards.


Although Scott is a seasoned handyman, I am averse to things that involve bolts, hoses, or even the phrase “righty tightly, lefty loosely.” Although I’ve always dreamed of some piece of equipment. In this instance the sleek Japanese toilet, I’ve resisted buying due to my reluctance to its installation. 

Given my hectic schedule, I do not have the motivation or time to be sitting in the plethora of plumbing infrastructure, or lying on my back before a toilet tank. One major reason why I chose Omigo was because it was easy to install. It certainly delivered on its promises!

The high-tech toilet chair took just 30 minutes to set up. I followed the simple for removing my outdated toilet seat, and then installing my futuristic Omigo seat. Voila it’s done! Scott & I are all ready to enjoy this Japanese chair of our dreams. We are also blissful bums for the rest of eternity!

Because there was no outlet next to my bathroom, I concerned I would not be able to install the Omigo. However, it was a simple fix using just some extension cord. That I put under my bathroom mat and straight to the outlet. The Omigo is neat and clean and most importantly, it performs just like a charm!


It’s simple to be a trend-setting toilet by using the features that are included in the Omigo bidet seat. For comfort I can’t imagine an Omigo bidet seat. That can match the luxuriousness of features such as heated seats or a warm water wash or a warm air drier. These features combine to provide something that feels more like the experience of a spa day unlike anything you’d see in the bathroom of your friends.

Omigo Bidet review

As you sit down, you’re welcomed by that warm and comfortable feeling. That you would have while wearing clothes that have just come out of the warmth of a dryer or receiving an embrace from a beach body hunk (ahem, Scott). At that point you’re free of any stress concerns. Or even find it difficult to go to the house of a friend or in company. No more. The seat conforms to your body, allowing you to work in peace.

The fun begins. Once you’ve completed steps one or two, or all of them the warm water is able to clean you using perfect pressure, completely adjustable, and warm. It’s like stepping into a warm bath and receiving a thorough and intimate, if not a tad sexy massage.

Because Omigo equipped with two stainless steel shower heads. It will have all the bases covered from both front and back. So ladies and gentlemen we’ll take by the hand regardless of the situation.

Should you get the Omigo Bidet?

  • Overall, we believe this Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat is a solid contender to be the best bidet seats. It performs extremely well leaving you fresh and the majority of instances, completely dry. Its diverse features worked well to their intended purpose and allowed the bidet to provide a variety of options to allow for custom washing.
  • In the above paragraph that the price for Omigo bidet seat means. That it might be too expensive or an expense for some. If you’re in this category but are concerned about sustainability and would like the convenience and cleanliness. That only a bidet can provide it recommended to consider one of the lower priced alternatives.

Omigo Bidet benefits

  • Omigo Bidet has several benefits which make it an excellent option for any bathroom. Many people, even those not DIYers will appreciate the process of installation as unfussy. It can take between 10 and 15 minutes, and doesn’t require assistance of a third person.
  • The heater is so powerful that it can provide an endless stream of warm water for cleaning along with warm, comfortable air to dry your skin. It’s also capable heating the seat fast so that you don’t have to wait for a long time when you’re eager to get your work done.
  • We love the simple remote control that allows you to play around with different settings until you’ve found the ones that you like. Then, you can save them as your profile. Once you’ve saved your profile, you’ll receive your customised cleaning routine every time, with only a single button.
  • The most important thing is that the Omigo Premium Bidet Toilet Seat will leave you feeling fresh and clean, and also lets you save money in toilet paper.

Why Choose Omigo?

  • Many people inclined to support family-owned, small firms (like Many Bidets), and the Omigo company definitely is in that category. These businesses have every reason to provide the highest quality customer service. This is the best method of distinguishing themselves from larger businesses.
  • The Omigo website indicates that their bidet seating have received mostly favourable reviews. Customers extremely satisfied with the seats they purchased and the reviews provide the perception that they are incredibly responsive to inquiries or issues.