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What clothes does spring newborn wear good?

how to dress a newborn in summer

Spring is coming soon, I believe there are a lot of families ushered in a new life, we feel joy for the birth of the child, but also on how to take care of this lovely child and have trouble. Newbie parents often worry about the baby’s food, clothing, shelter and transportation (” clothing “is mainly mentioned in the article), and how to give the child the best safety has become the most concerned issue for parents. What should newborns wear? How many clothes do children need to wear in spring? These problems are troubling many parents. So, how should a newborn dress in the end in spring to prevent the baby from catching cold or too much and fever? Here are some tips I’ve put together for kids to wear in spring.

Choose Soft, Loose-Fitting Clothing

Newly born babies in the spring to wear clothes to choose comfortable cloth, especially Q for Quinn Inc. organic cotton underwear, and diapers must be soft, loose, good air permeability cotton fabric. Parents must not choose wool, chemical fiber fabric made of underwear. Because this kind of material is very easy to causes neonatal dermatitis, eczema and other diseases.

Add or Subtract Clothes at Any Time

The clothes to buy for children need to be of moderate thickness. Too thick clothes will bring inconvenience to the children’s actions. Parents should not wear too much for fear of the baby catching cold, which is also a constraint on the children’s activities. We can touch the child’s back or limbs to determine the child’s hot and cold conditions. If the child’s limbs are cold, it is to remind you to add clothes for the child to keep warm. If you have a need for Alibaba baby girl clothes or wholesale baby clothes, welcome to shop at prettykid.

Although the temperature rises in spring, it will also be cold. Parents should add or subtract clothes for the baby according to the specific weather conditions. It should be noted that spring is generally very dry, in this dry weather, the baby’s skin is prone to irritation caused by allergies. If parents do not want their child to develop allergies, they can put their child in a close-fitting cotton underwear.

Sleep Can Not Wear Too Thick

When sleeping, parents try to avoid putting too thick clothes on their children, and children are not suitable for sleeping in knitted clothes, which will have a certain impact on children’s breathing. For kids, it’s much more comfortable to sleep in short pajamas and tank tops in spring. During the day when sleeping, parents should also take off the coat for the child, cover the thin quilt, and so on the child wake up immediately put on the coat.

The Dressing Principle of Upper Thickness and Lower Thinness

Dressing a newborn in spring should remember to “under the thick on the thin”. Because the baby once the stomach cold, there will be abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. In addition, the baby’s legs and feet are very sensitive to the cold outside. It is easy to catch a cold if your feet are cold. And the head cover is too hot, can appear dizziness and dizziness. Therefore, you can let the newborn stomach, back and feet wear thick point, the head and the heart and mouth to wear thin point.

Newborns Are One More Than Adults

What this means is that, depending on the amount of clothing an adult wears, an extra coat or vest is enough for the baby. Generally speaking, the dressing index of adult spring is 3-5 class. It is a kind of single garment, jacket, windbreaker, sweater usually, and the garment thickness is 4-15 mm. A child’s spring dress score is 4-6, so the baby only needs one more coat or vest than an adult.

The Principle of Adding Clothes for Children in Spring

Temperature: 15℃ is the critical temperature to add clothes. Studies have shown that when the temperature continues above 15 ° C. And is relatively stable, newborns can get dressed without adding clothes.

Temperature Difference: day and night temperature difference is greater than 8℃ need to add clothes. If the temperature difference between day and night in spring is greater than 8℃. Parents should increase or decrease clothes for their children in time with the change of weather.

Timing: 24-48 hours before the arrival of cold air should pay attention to add clothes. Many newborns get sick because of a sudden drop in temperature. So you should dress your baby 24-48 hours before the cold air reported in the weather forecast.

In fact, when parents dress the newborn, they can not wear too much, nor can they wear too little. If they do not know how to dress, they can follow the above principles. In addition, spring is the flu season, so parents need to be more careful when taking care of newborns. So that the baby will be safe and comfortable through spring.