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Home » What Are The Causes Of Bleeding Gums? – Dentist’s Guide

What Are The Causes Of Bleeding Gums? – Dentist’s Guide

What Are The Causes Of Bleeding Gums

Fortunately, more & more people are getting aware of oral hygiene. They have started taking oral health seriously because 85% of the problems that our body faces are somehow due to bad oral health. Whatever we chew, eat, or drink in a day, will impact our physique and health. Hence, staying concerned about teeth, jaw, and gums is necessary. In case of any dental issue, consulting dental clinic in satellite is a must; rather than applying for any over-the-counter ointment or medicines.

As the best dentist in satellite, I always suggest patients brush & floss their teeth twice a day and avoid high-carbonated drinks or chocolates to keep the teeth strong.

Our today’s discussion is about ‘Bleeding gums’ which many people suffer from the issue. A few of them encounter and the rest just ignore the condition. However, bleeding gums are the most common symptom of gum disease. But the situation can even take a serious health issue that requires immediate medical attention.

Occasional bleeding gums can be due to brushing your teeth too strenuously or wearing dentures that don’t fit perfectly. The reasons behind gum bleeding could also be,…

  • Deficiency of vitamins
  • Lack of platelets
  • Blood cancer
  • An advanced form of gum disease

Have a deep insight into reasons of bleeding gums

Brushing teeth vigorously

Occasional gum bleeding may be encountered by brushing teeth aggressively with an aim to achieve white teeth, remove stains or remove plaque. If this happens to you, be sure to call the Chloe Dental clinic in Houston.

Denture issue

When you wear an unfitted denture, it can also cause gum disease. It may cause irritation in both the gums and mouth which results in bleeding. Also, gum bleeding can cause poor health and an unclean mouth.


When plaque remains on the gum lines for a longer period, people develop gingivitis. Plaque means the bacteria that may remain on the teeth due to poor brushing and flossing techniques. If this plaque isn’t removed efficiently. It may transform into tartar which increases the bleeding gum problem.


The stage is more advanced than gingivitis. It is a gum infection where the jawbone and the supportive tissue connect your gums to the teeth. This disease can cause your teeth to dislocate.

Deficiency of Vitamin C & D

Vitamins deficiency is common in children that suffer from malnourishment or adults with no access to necessary meals for a balanced diet. Usually, we recommend consuming fruits and specific food that enrich the requirement of vitamins in the body. A good source of Vitamin C and K is green leafy vegetables, strawberries, citrus fruits, and so on.

Low platelets

The condition of Leukemia is described as blood cancer. However, low platelets indicate less support of the blood to facilitate blood clotting in case of any injury. Both conditions requires enough attention to get the treatment early.     

End up!

Consult the dental clinic in satellite today and get yourself diagnosed properly in case of gum disease. Because expert assistance is necessary for the fastest recovery!