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5 Ways To Dress Up With Statement Jewelry

Ways To Dress Up With Statement Jewelry

Dressing up is fun right? You get to do makeup, make a new hairdo and wear those sexy heels or really cool sneakers you bought online on Black Friday Sale. In the end, however, it all comes down to the jewelry you wear to complement your outfit. The right statement jewelry can really make a huge difference. It’s like the perfect punchline in the joke without which the joke would be boring. 

So is really jewelry that important? Does the rest of the preparation count for nothing?

“Let’s just say that a statement jewelry can make, break or transform an outfit”

Saying this much, you know what I’m exactly talking about here. It’s the oomph factor you need that gives a little kick to your look. Eye-catching accessories like extremely beautiful pendants online can be bought rather easily to give your look a final touch up. 

Such accessories like pendants or earrings inject the missing color and a finishing touch. 

So here are some ways you can use regular outfits to fashion up a little bit with stunning pieces of jewelry. 

Top to bottom 

It’s rather trendy to wear two or three necklaces at the same time but you can rather use layered pendants that give the same mirage to the onlooker. But if you want to you can try two statement pendants or other necklaces with contrasting colors. The mix and match type of jewelry look phenomenal on a casual outfit

For a top pendant you can try to wear one closer to your neck and the more layers you add the more the length it should be hence giving it a layered look. You can even try gold pendants or simply artificial ones. 

Chunky jewelry 

Some of you may prefer to enjoy heavier, chunkier statement jewelry. It’s louder, bolder, and larger of course. Naturally, such jewelry pieces are incredible, definitely eye catching. It can give a clear impression of your choice of apparel and accessories. 

The chunky jewelry is all about “look at me” but it doesn’t mean it has to be gaudy. Your personal taste in chunky statement jewelry also matters. You could dramatically style a choker with an off-shoulder gown. But if you do want some inspiration take a look at the red carpet (and I mean Oscars and Emmy’s not Gala).

Turquoise shade 

What do you think of turquoise shade? The color always reminds me of the chick flick “Aquamarine” for some reason. Maybe it’s the striking hues of aqua, deep sapphire, or crystal shades of green that make the oceanic colors so inspiring. 

If you have experience scuba diving by chance you’d be mesmerized by the sea colors like coral, the milky luster of peaks, and so on. So if you are wondering why I’m recalling oceans it’s because you have the option to buy jewelry in such shades and designs too. Remember Angelina Jolie looking gorgeous in black at the Oscar red carpet and wearing those perfect shades on the green as earrings? 

You can choose a red coral style pendant or a bedazzling bracelet with sterling filigree. Make up your mind. 

Heavy Metal 

One may think heavy metal is so out of fashion. Woah Woah, hold on for a second now! Did you get to see the magazine covers for Vogue 2020? Larger and heavier metal jewelry apparently was the showcase in those magazine covers. Statement jewelry is not only about the material it is made up of. 

It’s more about the texture. 

Golden bronze, rose gold, silver, white gold, or collate any two or even three metals of your choice and you can create perfect statement jewelry. A popular example is when couples, especially brides, are wearing two-toned rings. Such rings are affordable and quirky too. You can select to wear gold for your pendant or diamond studs for earrings. But even if you decide to wear mixed metal you need to make sure they give the right look to each other. 

So why limit to one type of metal when you can have a pair of each?

Sparkly and glittery jewelry 

Diamonds are your best friends (after chocolate) but is it worth it? Absolutely! Adding sparkle to your outfit doesn’t mean you need to go bankrupt to get one ring or bracelet. If you want to be practical and still be glamorous it’s more befitting to find something that would glitter a lot but doesn’t cost you thousands of bucks. 

There are gemstones a bit pricey but less costly than diamonds you can use in your jewelry. You can even buy colored diamonds that cost way less than colorless diamonds. So carrying on with the statement “less is more” you can buy a unique piece of jewelry in a contemporary style and not put a dent in your bank vault. 

So what do you think of our tips? You can style up any way you want but as they say, jewelry is everlasting so choose smartly.