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Huge Diwali Discount On Clip in hair extension

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Diwali Offer 2022 | Get Huge Diwali Discount On Clip in hair extensions and style your hair without wasting time visiting the salon!

The 5 days Festival of Lights, Diwali is here and we are so excited! India is brightened with lights, firecrackers, laughter, rangolis, and filled with love. Ladies, you don’t have to worry about if shops sold out your favorite hair extensions or what kind of hairstyle you want that matches your beautiful outfit for Diwali. Clip-ins work well with different lengths of hair. 

You don’t have to waste your time going to salons, I got you covered. 

To celebrate this wonderful festival, I present to you 6 beautiful clip-in hair extensions from Diva Divine Hair Extension. Why Diva Divine? Because they offer high-quality hair extensions and wigs at a reasonable price tag.

1. 10 Piece Clip-in Set:Hair Extension

Diva Divine’s Clip N Go hair is easy and quick to use. It gives your hair volume and softness. You can style it in different hairstyles and it is not permanent. Different hairstyles for different occasions. Straight 10 Clip-in Set can be curled and flat ironed. You can choose the length and color. Just Clip-in these hair extensions and you are ready to celebrate Diwali in style.

10 Piece Clip-in Set costs Rs.6,900.Use this link to get Rs.990 discount

2. Clip-in Hilites Hair Extension

Get Clip-in Hilites to add fun color to your hair with a single clip (5gms) and triple clip (15gms) instant highlights. Bollywood legends like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan use Clip-in highlighters. It is convenient and easy.

 You don’t have to color your hair permanently and damage your hair. That’s why Diva Divine came up with clip-in highlights. Choose your color from aqua blue, light green, to light pink. 

Clip-in Hilites cost Rs.850.Use the link to get Rs.85 off and pay only Rs.765

3. 2 Clip Side Patch Hair Extension

2 Clip-in Side Patch gives a seamless look and frames the sides of your face beautifully. It is easy to wear and remove. Diva Divine’s experts recommend Clip-in Side Patch for a classic look and volume. Select a color from grey to natural black and 18” or 22” length. 

2 Clip-in Side Patch costs Rs. 4999. Use this link to get Rs.499 discount upon checkout

4. 3-Clip Ponytails Hair Extension

Diva Divine’s 3-Clip Ponytails are perfect if you have short hair. It is an easy way for you to pull off long, flowy ponytails. High-quality clips are attached to a lace base for simple and quick fitting. It comes with wraparound hair that can be attached to the hair extension to hide the clips and lace. Look elegant and breathtaking with 3 Clip-in Ponytails. Ponytails work well with any outfit you wear for Diwali.

Diva Divine’s 3-Clip Ponytails costs Rs. 6900. Use this link to get Rs.690 discount:

5. 6 Clip-in Fishnet Hair Extension

6 Clip-in Fishnets add volume, color, highlights, and length to your natural hair. If you are new to the hair extension world, try this clip-ins and see how it feels. Anyone can do it at home so you don’t have to go to a salon.

This clip-in comes in 9 wefts that are interlinked to form a honeycomb pattern on the back for easy blending. It also comes with a high-quality clip for a secure and perfect application. All you have to think about is the color and length you want. 

6 Clip-in Fishnets costs Rs.12,900.Use this link to save Rs.1430 in discount

6. 4 Clip V-Shape Hair Extension

4 Clip V shape hair extension is easy to use despite the name. You pull out a section of your hair through a V-Shaped opening in the crown of the wig cap. It creates a natural-looking part and the opening allows you to use your own hairline. You don’t need to use sew or adhesive. It just takes 1 minute for installation. It comes in 4 different lengths and various colors.

V shape hair extension costs Rs. 14,300. Use this link to save Rs.1430 at the Checkout

Take advantage of our Diwali Offers and Sales 2020 and look fantastic during this Festive Season. Clip-ins are convenient and easy to use and you can use different Clip-ins for different days of Diwali. Clip-in hair extension saves you time and money on salons. Enjoy your festival with confidence and lights. 

Clip-in Hilites, 4 Clip V-Shaped straight hair extensions, 3 Clip Ponytails,6 Clip Fishnet, 2 Side Clip patches, and 10 Piece Clip-in Set are very easy to apply. These hairstyles will definitely compliment your outfit.

Clip-ins are worth their price so make sure you use the discount link above to save money on those high-quality hair extensions. 

The offer is limited time only and is valid only during the 5 days of the Diwali Festival

Let us know what tips and secrets you have when it comes to styling your hair with clip-ins. Answer in the comments below!