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Using The Knife Connection’s Custom Knife Builder

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Custom Knife Builder

Sometimes an off-the-shelf knife has everything you need, but not the exact look or accessories that you are looking for. The Knife Connection, an online vendor of high-quality knives, has created a unique system for taking the knives from trusted brands and making the aesthetic choices, and creating the accessory package that you are looking for. If you want a knife that matches your needs and your style, you need to use their Custom Knife Builder.

The Knife Connection offers this knife-building option for knives from ESEE Knives and the Ontario Knife Company. These two brands are both known for manufacturing high-quality survival knives. All of their knives are designed to be the rugged tools that users need. Because The Knife Connection has a close relationship with these brands, they are able to order parts to assemble custom knives.

Custom Knife Builder

The first step when using their custom knife builder is to choose the knife model for you. You can choose between several popular fixed-blade models including the ESEE Izula II, ESEE Laser Strike, and the Ontario RAT-3. Once you know which model seems like the best fit, you can start the process of building your knife.

There are several options on every knife builder page. The first option is the blade itself. Depending on the model you choose, there will be different color powder coating options. Some knife models will also have options to choose a partially serrated blade. Once you have your blade selected, the next step is to choose the handles that will go on the knife.

The Knife Connection’s handles are milled from synthetic G10 material. This amazing material is created by taking sheets of glass cloth and layering them with epoxy resin under high pressure. The material dries into a solid plastic-like sheet that is strong, inert, and capable of resisting corrosion and abrasion. G10 was created as the base material for the production of printed circuit boards in electronics and its material strength has led to it being used in several other fields including handle making.

The larger slabs of G10 that are produced for knife handles can be machined just like other materials using a CNC router to create knife handles that offer a precise fit. The Knife Connection offers G10 handles in several colors that are machined to include a perfectly textured grip. Some knife handles even include a bow drill divot and internal storage spaces to offer even more functionality to your new knife.

Once you have chosen the perfect blade and handle combination, the custom knife builder provides several accessory options. You can choose a sheath, sheath backer, and other carry accessories like a pouch or fire steel loop. Their selection includes options made from rugged materials like nylon and kydex. You can also find new fire steel, paracord, and other useful accessories to go with your new knife.

If you are ready to create the perfect knife for you, it’s time to check out this custom knife builder. The Knife Connection makes it easy to take knives that are already popular and make them the perfect fit for you. In addition to offering their customers the ability to build their own knives, you can also find thousands of other quality knife options on their website.