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Top Ways That Will Let Your Workspace Make Great First Impression

Top Ways That Will Let Your Workspace to Make Great First Impression

First impressions may not be the last but can be the most lasting. A good first impression of your workspace encourages a new client or a high-caliber interviewee to put in their best efforts to associate with your company. 

If you truly want to grow your business, it is important to invest your time and energy into adding some details, such as the reception area or furniture. Having no interest in getting the details right can be perceived as a sign of general disinterest. This will be reflected in the way your clients and interviewees behave. 

A business compound that is well-kept also appears purpose-driven and reliable. People feel encouraged to be associated with such a company. Read on to know the ways how your workspace can make a good first impression:

Easy accessibility

Make sure that your office address is clearly specified on your website and visiting cards. Basic information should incorporate the postcode, directions, and phone number without fail. Directions should easily lead to the correct destination using any common GPS tracker. 

A good reception area

A reception area is where the first impression is formed. In every good business, a warm and cordial welcome is the starting point and a golden opportunity to impress. They deal with their guests efficiently and quickly. A receptionist’s successful eye contact along with warm body language could be reflective of your business’ happy staff. You can communicate so many messages through your reception area.

Top Ways That Will Let Your Workspace to Make Great First Impression

The walls of the reception area have a positive story to tell and can communicate that a visitor is in the right place. Installing a brag wall with logos of customers you have previously worked with, mentioning the employee of the month or achievements of team members, can give a visitor more insights into the company than any corporate setup.

A good reception area should also have some relevant books and magazines that your visitor can read while waiting. Offering some kind of welcome drink also helps a visitor in the waiting process and is reflective of the company’s thoughtfulness for its customers or staff. The floor of a good reception area is generally covered with carpet. Other than some routine cleaning by professionals, one should also buy a carpet cleaner, for regular cleaning and dust removal.

Clean office areas

Bacteria thrive in office environments because people spend at least eight hours of their working day there. That makes cleanliness mandatory for a healthy workplace. A clean and compliant work environment not only increases productivity but also develops healthy work habits.

Does all your equipment work right? Does the broken stuff or torn documents go to the rubbish bin? These are some questions that need to be answered for a clean workplace. Routine cleaning should be made mandatory with equipment, such as a floor polisher, to remove any stubborn stains.

A cleaning professional company uses all the necessary equipment and techniques to make sure that your workplace is clean and hygienic. A clean workplace is good for the employees’ health and mental well-being. It also increases the efficiency and productivity of your staff.

Washroom facilities

If a company’s toilets are dirty, then you have every reason to be suspicious of the office pantry’s cleanliness. Toilets and kitchens are most prone to bacteria. Make sure that every toilet in your office compound has a hand dryer, tissues, soaps, etc. You don’t want your staff or an interviewee to complain about catching a urinary tract infection in your company’s toilets.


If you care about your staff, interviewees, and visitors, look around your office and imagine what you would think if you were to visit your office for the first time. Then make changes where required and strive for perfection. It should impress the owner even before it impresses others.