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Home » Unmasking Face Masks: What Goes into this Popular Skin Care Product

Unmasking Face Masks: What Goes into this Popular Skin Care Product

Unmasking Face Masks

Face masks. You either love them or don’t care about them. But throughout the world, there are definitely more people who love face masks and include them in their nightly routine. It brings them one step closer to the goal, which is glass skin. Hardly any negative results are associated with face masks, which makes them even more irresistible as a skincare products. There’s no better way to check your skin than a hollywood vanity mirror with lights.

What exactly goes into this product, you ask? Let’s look at some of the ingredients:

Unmasking Face Masks


In many sheet mask variants, water is the first thing you’ll notice on the list of ingredients. And it makes sense. As you open that packet of Korean skin care goods, you see that it’s watery. That’s not all water, but there is a substantial amount of water in it, which makes it easy for the skin to absorb. The vacuum-sealed packaging and the “film” that goes with the sheet mask also play a role in keeping all that water from evaporating so that when you apply it on your skin, you get all the benefits you paid for.


pure glycerin

Glycerin is an ingredient that shows up in many Korean skincare products. It’s also a recommended ingredient when you’re making your own mask, but what does it do exactly? It’s the main ingredient in your daily moisturizer, and that’s pretty much what it offers even as a sheet mask ingredient: hydration.

You need glycerin to get soft and well-hydrated skin, but manufacturers pay attention to how much glycerin they use in your mask because too much of it may lead to oily skin. That’s where your DIY face masks may fail but carefully formulated face masks will succeed.


Sheet masks are perfect for skincare and self-care, so it makes sense that they will have some comforting or relaxing fragrance that you can smell when you apply them on your face. There are luxurious smells, relaxing smells, and even fruit fragrances–take your pick. If you want to be particularly relaxed at the end of the day, apply your mask with a lavender or chamomile fragrance and let your skin absorb all the extracts while the fragrance helps you calm down.


The first three ingredients are present in most masks, but the combination of extracts may vary per product manufacturer. There are all kinds of extracts that go into your sheet mask. One of the most popular is tea tree extract, which is perfect for those looking to pamper their acne-prone skin. Honey extract is another ingredient that’s good for the skin in terms of hydration and tightening the pores.

If you have honey and glycerin, you can already make your own mask at home, but paired with other extracts, you can have an even better product to use on your skin. Some products may also have fruit extracts that provide you with the vitamins and minerals that are found in those fresh fruits.

Face masks are no longer a mystery. As you look into its ingredients list, you can see why it’s loaded with all the good things and none of the bad.