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Traditional Pocket Knives From Great Eastern Cutlery

Almost every knife enthusiast has some memory tied to a traditional pocket knife. These classic slip joint knives have been in use for centuries and they have never truly gone out of style. There are a few different reasons why these knives were so popular and why they continue to be a classic. If you are looking for a reliable knife with some classic design features. You need to check out the traditional pocket knives made by Great Eastern Cutlery.

Great Eastern Cutlery is a knife manufacturer based out of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Their team have been crafting incredible knives since day one using their own unique process. By combining traditional knife making techniques with a few modern processes. They are able to create knives in ways that have been rare over the last 75 years. Every knife that Great Eastern Cutlery produces goes through a 200 step production process from the initial raw materials to the finished product.

Traditional Pocket Knives

Most of Great Eastern Cutlery’s knives are made with 1095 carbon steel blades. These blades feature a wide range of profiles including spear point, drop point, Wharncliffe, clip point, and upswept points. Having one knife with several different blade styles helps to give these knives’ their utility. In addition to being built with quality blades, these knives made with a wide variety of handle materials. The handles constructed using traditional materials. Such as bone and wood as well as more modern options like micarta and other composite materials.

Long before the invention of modern multitools, these small multi blade knives used for a wide variety of tasks. A large folding blade could used as a general utility knife for many cutting tasks. While smaller knives with multiple blades used for fine tasks like whittling or sharpening quill pens. This made slip joint knives an essential tool for a wide range of people.

Even though we have moved past needing a handy knife for sharpening quills. The traditional pocket knife still remains a popular folding knife option for many knife enthusiasts. Many of the options from Great Eastern Cutlery make excellent everyday carry knives for anyone who wants a knife with a distinct look and feel. Many of these knives are large enough to offer a secure grip and the 1095 blades will take an edge easily and hold it well.

In addition to being useful, these knives make great gifts. Most knife enthusiasts given a handed down slip joint knife as their first knife. Whether you are looking for the perfect piece for a knife collector or you want to buy traditional first knife. It’s hard to go wrong with a Great Eastern Cutlery knife. These knives built to handle years of use and when you give the gift of a traditional pocket knife. The recipient will have a great looking knife that they can pass down through the generations.

If you interested in finding the perfect traditional pocket knives. When you visit The Knife Connection you will find plenty of Great Eastern Cutlery products. The Knife Connection is an online knife shop that has a huge selection of high quality options from traditional folders to modern tactical knives. You can even use their Custom Knife Builder tool to put together your own custom built knife. If you have any questions about any of the products that they carry. Feel free to reach out to one of their knife experts by sending an email to