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Top Parallax Design Trends in 2021

Parallax effects remain one of the most popular web design trends. This animation technique involves moving the background and foreground at different speeds.

This effect can be used for any type of website. It is a powerful way to create and increase user experience. In addition, this effect does not have to be used for all elements of the site. It is enough to use it on the first screen of, for example, a landing page, and this will draw attention to the content of almost any user.

In fact parallax design examples create “depth” on the page and interactions occur in three dimensions. One of the downsides to parallax is that it doesn’t always work on mobile devices.

parallax design

It is good if the site contains high-quality pictures or genuine product photos. However, it is already difficult to surprise someone with them. Then animation comes to mind – moving images that will look more interesting. Visitors will return to the resource that seemed visually attractive to them. But at the same time it is important to maintain a certain style and remember the sense of proportion. In this regard, parallax scrolling is very helpful: done correctly, it will look interesting, but at the same time unobtrusive.

A user who, by chance, comes to your site, will certainly mark its special design. From that moment on, he begins to form a positive impression of the company. Later, he pays attention to the advertised product, examines the benefits of cooperation with you. As a result, the expected effect has been achieved: a person moves from the “casual user” category to the “customer” category.

Design is the first thing that catches your eye when visiting a site. He can both repulse and, on the contrary, attract. Keep this in mind when creating parallax scrolling. This tool is a real godsend for those who are not suitable for standard solutions, but should be handled with care.

A site with a large number of moving elements is able to choose a reverse reaction – to distract from the main content, not to allow you to focus on the product or service itself. Such a page not only complicates the perception, but also causes negativity. As much as you would like to add more special effects, it is better to stop at the golden mean, choosing a moderately stylized and original design. Individual elements to which you want to draw attention should be made dynamic.

It can be a separate product or design elements. An image created using layers moving relative to each other will look good. The developer should take into account that the main purpose of a user site is to provide information about the company, to convey its differences from competitors, to advertise the product, i.e. attract new buyers. Therefore, the principle of “do everything at once” is not relevant here.

Parallax Effects: 5 Use Cases


Use parallax effects to show a change in your project. Layers can convey changes in distance and time. Parallax works best when interacting with content.

Encouraging scrolling

The parallax effect can induce the user to use scrolling. This means that as much of the site’s content as possible will be shown to the visitor.

Many parallax projects include a “scrolling” instruction or a link to the home page to help the visitor start this interaction.

What’s new for designers

One of the most interesting ways to use parallax is to incorporate color into different parts of your content. Color is as much an attention-grabbing tool as parallax. And together they are especially effective.

Parallax effects from can help make complex information more compact and readable.

Visualization of digital reality

One of the main advantages of parallax is its ability to render things that are difficult for the user to imagine.


With all this, it should be borne in mind that although parallax can be used for various projects, but still not for everyone. Part of your audience, especially the mobile audience, can find it difficult to appreciate the whole point of the project if they do not see parallax. Thus, this technique cannot be used as the main and only one in the project.