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Top 7 Different Types of Heels in 2023

Heels should be your first priority footwear when you are going to special events such as wedding ceremonies, dates, discos, etc. It will uplift your personality in front of others. In the fashion industry, you will notice no one is wearing a simple sandal instead every woman is wearing a fabulous heel because they know the importance of wearing a heel. 

On the other hand, every woman is not comfortable wearing a high heels. So, you need to decide first the height of the heels that you will be comfortable wearing it. And then you can choose the best heel for every occasion. 

Just giving attention to your costumes is not enough. You must give attention to your footwear too because it comes into notice when someone looks at you. There are different types of heels and each has some unique features. 

Top 7 Different Types of Heels

A simple outfit and a stylish heel are all you need to look charming in any event. It is a saying that a perfect heel always takes you to a good place. Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further, here are the top 7 different types of heels in 2020 that you must know,

1. Espadrille heels

Espadrille heels are popular all over the world. This heel has a wedge base that is very comfortable in walking. The material is made up of fabric upper and plaited fiber sole. 

This heel should be your first priority if you are searching for an ideal heel in 2020 as it consists of every feature. This heel is very stylish and available in various colors.

2. Comma heels

Comma heels are another type of heels that is in the form of a comma and this is the reason why it is called a comma heel. This heel is popular worldwide.

Comma heels are very stylish and adorable by all. The height of the heels is also very low so that everyone can wear it. You can wear this heel during a long drive.

3. Oxfords

Oxford’s heels are popular all over the world. You may know about the traditional oxfords, but now a new heel comes into play i.e., oxford heels. 

The new Oxford heel is flat at the base and has a good heel that will attract all your attention for a while. This heel is very stylish and convenient while wearing. 

4. High-heeled boots  

High-heeled boots are the best footwear for the winter season. It will keep your legs warm and uplifts your personality. This footwear will be perfect with short skirts.

On the other hand, you can wear this footwear during night outs such as discos, dates, etc. This is a favorite pair of footwear even for celebrities. The heel of this sandal differs and also the design. This is the best piece of footwear that you can have in your wardrobe.

5. Platform heels

Platform heels are another type of heels that are popular worldwide and the heel of this sandal differs from short to medium height. The best benefit of wearing a platform is that it is comfortable in wearing and the sole is also thicker.

You will find this heel in different designs and colors and this will be easier for you to choose the best one according to your outfit. This heel is very popular among teenagers and has all the unique features.

6. Slingback heels

Slingback heels are very stylish footwear that has unique features. This heel goes around the back of the Achilles heel.This heel holds an elegant look and will give you a stylish appearance when you wear it.

Moreover, this heel is very comfortable walking and the color is also very amazing and stylish. This is the best footwear out of all.

7. Cone heels

The heel of this sandal is in the shape of the cone and this is the reason why it is called a cone heel. The sole is narrow at the base and wider at the foot. This makes it comfortable in walking. However, keep in mind this heel is not for regular wear.

Wear this heel only on special occasions and for a short time to avoid any type of irritation or discomfort in the toes. Cone heels are the preferred choice of teenagers. 

Importance of Wearing a Heel  

Wearing a heel is very important and you must have all the collection of heels in your wardrobe if you are a regular candidate in the glamour industry. Also, keep in mind to choose a heel that you will be comfortable walking throughout the day. 

A heel will uplift your personality more among others. It is a good saying that heels are the best friends for girls or women and it is really true. You might have various collections of outfits in your wardrobe but do you have all the collection of heels? No, isn’t it? 

You might not know that these heels really exist but the trends are always fluctuating and you must move hand-in-hand with it. If you are fond of wearing fashionable accessories then you must have all the heels that are described above. 

Also, you can read the reviews of each heel to choose the best heel for yourself or for your family members. And keep in mind the instruction to choose a perfect heel.