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Top 5 Online Marketing Jobs for Students

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Online Marketing Jobs for Students
Online Marketing Jobs for Students

Online Marketing is a fast-growing and exciting industry. It is ideal for people who are efficient, determined, and strategic. You need to have excellent communication skills that you can learn by taking Online marketing courses, and you need to be able to communicate with almost everyone around you. Marketing is the heart of the company! In this article, we want to present to you the list of marketing jobs that are the most suitable for students just starting their career path. It doesn’t mean that these professions are easy, – they all require constant engagement, skills, and a certain level of passion.

Online Marketing Jobs Students Should Consider First

Online Marketing is one of the fields that shortly will still need lots of specialists. Companies of different levels are constantly hiring — they need writers, managers, and creative specialists. Creative work cannot be done by robots, so, choosing marketing as your profession you are safe. 


A transcriber or a person who transcribes an interview into a text is the easiest job for a beginner. The process is almost mechanical and requires three skills: speed typing on the keyboard, perfect spelling, punctuation, memory, and hearing. The threshold for entering the profession is too low because even high school students can cope with such a task. Therefore, the payment is low. No matter how fast you type, half an hour of audio will take up to 2-4 hours of your time. The benefits of self-development depend entirely on the content of what you are transcribing. Requirements: literacy and efficiency.


Copywriting is the creation of marketing texts from scratch. In modern creative agencies, the duties of a copywriter include the generation of ideas, which are then transformed into advertising text, posters, videos, or campaigns. But copywriting is never rewriting. Confusing the two professions is a big mistake. Requirements: erudition, literacy, creativity, and ability to tell a story through any channel of communication. Read also about Public relations jobs.

Communication/PR manager

Communicator or PR-manager is an activity aimed at achieving mutual understanding and agreement between people, social groups, classes, nations, and states based on the purposeful formation of public opinion and its management. In a narrow sense, it is a systematic activity of a company aimed at changing the beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and behavior of different groups of people (target audience) regarding the company. Its products, services, as well as specific problems, ideas, and actions.

There are internal and external PR. Under the internal understanding, the establishment of an agreement between people within the company. The external – the establishment of relations with journalists, the target audience of brands, and sometimes politicians and NGOs. Often the responsibilities of a communicator include creating an employer brand. Requirements: efficiency, ability to negotiate with anyone at any time, stress resistance, sociability.


Social media marketing manager – a specialist who creates and disseminates information about the brand on social networks. In addition to the ability to write texts, you will need the skills of a designer, layout designer, and target specialist. Communication with bloggers (influencers) is also part of the responsibilities of SMM-nickname.

Requirements: The ability to constantly learn, intelligence.

Accounting manager

Account managers are always staff members of an advertising agency. The main role of account managers is to get the best results from all other departments of the agency. Usually, each account is assigned a specific client of the agency, and all communication and documentation are conducted through these specialists. Account managers can be divided into guardians and associates.

In principle, you will not be lost, even if you limit your functions to providing communication between the client and service departments. Like a waiter scurrying between cooks in the kitchen and visitors in the hall. I doubt that you will perform this function with aplomb, but I hope you will have enough for more. For example, to come up with great ideas for selling the product. The position of account manager will best suit the former manager of the media advertising department. Requirements: stress resistance, the ability to sell services and pitch ideas, system.

Creative Strategist

Strategist, analyst, creative strategist – a specialist who devises ways to achieve Online marketing goals for brands and organizations. The strategist’s responsibilities include building a logic about what, where, and when to communicate with target audiences. It monitors competitors’ advertising activity and tracks consumer research to know exactly what they need.

Requirements: promptly process a large amount of information and submit it in a short form to other departments of the advertising agency. Ideally, it is desirable to have specialized education. But here we are talking about the transition to media marketing. So it should noted that the work of a strategist is suitable for experienced journalists who have dealt with large data and quickly wrote long analytical rides based on modern research.

How to Deal With Marketing Assignments on Time?

When studying to become an Online marketing specialist you will face many assignments. That may seem pretty challenging on the first try. With most of them, you will be able to deal with yourself. Some of them will require additional assistance from someone more experienced.

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You later use the received papers as you wish — as actual materials, as reference samples. As an addition to your textbook and class notes, you choose. The earlier you place the order, the less you will pay for it. So we recommend planning your writing load. Becoming a marketing specialist with a proper diploma will open many doors for you — don’t be afraid to open them just because you are not experienced enough.