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Top 10 Places to Visit in the United States

places to visit in the United States

Here are 10 places to visit in the United States among the most beautiful and symbolic of the whole country with stars and stripes. We have chosen some well-known places, others a little less and real must-haves that cannot be missing from your itinerary.

Usually, our top 10 ( discover them on the Top Travel Portal page ) do not focus on a single country, but for the United States, we will make an exception.

This country has entered in all respects among the trips to be made at least once in a lifetime, thanks also to the cinematographic ” promotional campaign ” which, from the 1950s onwards, has only promoted the United States as “THE” trip to do.

What do you mean?

Well, after seeing hundreds of films about New York, Route 66 and Washington, raise your hand if you have never wanted to see those places known only through films live!

In this top we will see some of the most beautiful and significant places to visit in the United States; so call to talk and let’s go!

Here are the 10 places to visit in the United States at any cost

Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park – California

Let’s start this list of places to visit in the United States from sunny California and Sequoia National Park.

More than a national park, this is a real natural monument: we are talking about one of the most popular parks on the entire US west coast and beyond.

The Sequoia National Park, established as far back as 1890, is home to the tallest trees on the planet, hundreds of thousand-year-old redwoods that sprouted when the Roman Empire still dominated Europe.

Among the sequoias, the most loved, celebrated and famous is General Sherman  (83 m tall), to all intents and purposes the tallest tree on the planet.

A visit to this incredible park must be done absolutely!

If you don’t want to go in a hurry, I recommend the tour in the Muir Woods, to enjoy the Californian nature accompanied by a tour guide.

Mount Rushmore – South Dakota

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is one of the national symbols of identity and as such should be included among the possible wonders of the world because of its importance.

It is a majestic monument carved in the granite rocks of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The mount depicts the most important presidents of the United States; the work began in 1927 by New York lawyer Charles Rushmore as the greatest celebration of the American century.

It is clear as the sun that it is a national celebration project which, however, was never completed.

In fact, in 1941 the works were suspended not only because of the death of the lawyer but also because the funds ran out: instead of making the complete busts of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln only the faces were completed. Despite this, the huge granite monument is impressive.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon

Another wonder of the American nature of which, however, I have already spoken abundantly by inserting it first among the 10 natural wonders of the world, and then among the 10 most beautiful precipices in the world.

If you want, give a read to those interesting and nice top ten.

White House – Washington

White House

The building symbol of American political power, as well as the house where one of the most powerful men in the world lives (I said “one” because I don’t like the excesses of Americanism), has become a cult place, also thanks to films and TV series; therefore it is impossible not to include it among the places to visit in the United States.

The White House was built in 8 years, between 1892 and 1900 and is an inevitable stop on any itinerary through Washington ( for example, here is one really unusual and off the beaten track ).

In addition to its symbolic role, the White House is a building full of history: not everyone knows for example that in 1814 the building was set on fire by the British army during the American-British war. It is possible to visit the building but, if you are not a US citizen, it is almost impossible.

Niagara Falls – New York

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are located on the border between the US and Canada and are one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

The nearby city of Buffalo founds its tourism business there, as there are hundreds of thousands of people visiting the falls each year.

This spectacular 52 m water jump is one of the most fascinating places on the American continent and is accompanied by many interesting facts and anecdotes: for example, you know that the waterfall recedes every year by 60 – 90 cm and that in 1901 Annie Taylor Edson was the first woman to throw herself down a waterfall into a barrel ?!?!

The reckless American survived and became a real American heroine.

Golden Gate Bridge – California

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the suspension bridge par excellence and symbol of the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Perhaps it is also one of the places most present in US films; it appears in dozens of films (in most films it is destroyed by aliens, cataclysms or gigantic monsters), in TV series and cartoons and also in many video games.

For these reasons I have inserted this bridge between the 10 places to visit in the United States because it connects to the speech made in the introduction.

But be careful, in this way I don’t want to diminish this imposing work and its beauty.

Of course, I’m talking about a bridge, but the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the few human works that has more integrated with the surrounding landscape; walk across the bridge at any time of the day, admire the beautiful bay of San Francisco and tell us if you don’t agree.

Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Let’s go back to talking about national parks with an institution in the field: Yellowstone National Park.

As for the Grand Canyon, in this case, too we have inserted this park over and over again in top 10 precedents: for example among the 10 national parks to visit in the world, or when we talked about the Old Faithful, the most famous and powerful geyser of the park.

In any case, this is the perfect destination for any On The Road trip.

Broadway – New York


Fascinating, lively, frenetic, culturally stimulating and many others would be the adjectives to describe Broadway, the famous Avenue in New York.

I included it among the 10 places to visit in the United States because this long road is a bit of a reflection not only of New York but of the States in general.

New York certainly would have filled this list by itself, but it is on Broadway that art and culture meet. It is here that the dreams of many come true or fail forever, and it is always here that people from distant places who speak different languages ​​meet and mix.

Mississippi – Wisconsin

The longest river in North America and also the most famous historically speaking.

Mississippi - Wisconsin

On the banks of the Mississippi the history of the United States has been made and no matter where and on which banks you will lookout, the important thing is that you visit it.

The river crosses 9 states (the source is in Wisconsin and the mouth in Louisiana), is 3,780 km long and was (still is) very important for the country’s historical and economic development.

Those of you who have never dreamed of taking a raft ride on the waters of this river with Huckleberry Finn or of crossing it on an old steamboat as Scrooge McDuck did in the series of tales of ” The saga of Scrooge McDuck ” Don Rosa ?!?!

This river has inspired scores of writers and made the history of this country, therefore it deserves to be seen!

Area 51 – Nevada

area 51 nevada

If you are passionate about mysteries, UFOs and government plots, take a trip to Nevada, where the legendary Area 51 awaits you.

Obviously the area is closed to the public as it falls under the control of the American army but perhaps given that the area is only 150 km from Las Vegas approaching the last allowed outpost could not be an exciting and truly characteristic idea, in full Vegas style.

Take a trip on the Extraterrestrial Highway, if you’re lucky you might even spot something …