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Tips To Mow Your Centipede Sod To Gain The Best Advantage

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Centipede Sod

The mowing season is at its peak because winter will start within the next two months. So before the dormant season begins mowing the lawn is essential. But people make critical mistakes when they are mowing the lawn that is damaging to the whole lawn.

What Are The Traits Of Centipede Sod?

The most important of all point that has to be noted when mowing the lawn it is vital that you know which kind of sod grass has been installed in the lawn. The traits of the grass like in this case Centipede Sod; must be known.

The Color Of The Sod

Unlike other grasses, this sod is medium green in color which came to the USA in 1916. The grass is originally from countries in Southeastern Asian region especially China. This grass can live well in the warm areas but beware not to put it where droughts are more often.

Slowest Growth Rate

The speed of the growth of the Centipede Sod is very slow that is why it is given this name. If you are willing to place a single sod that goes well in the sun as well as shade then this sod is the best.

Maintenance Is Very Low

The slow growth rate of the sod is the main reason that it is famous for its low maintenance. This is especially important for the mowing of the lawn because a big lawn can take hours to mow properly.

Tips For Mowing Centipede Sod Lawn

As you know that the Centipede Sod that you ordered from supplying companies like Atlanta Sod Farms is the right one for the lawn because mowing of it has to be according to the recommended reached height.

The Mower Has To Be Right

The most important of all tips that have to be followed is the selection of the right kind of mower. There is a wide variety of mowers available for you in all shapes and sizes. You can also decide whether to have a power option or hand-operated mower.

The Area Of Lawn Also Counts

A small lawn can be mowed with the help of a hand-operated mower. But for a big lawn or commercial area; various power options of mowers are the best so that the Centipede Sod grass in Atlanta can be cut fast.

The Mower Blades Must Be Sharp

People forget at times to sharpen the blades of the mowers which is extremely damaging as the leaves of the sod grass can turn brown and wither away very quickly and lawn looks bad.

Functions Of The Mower Are Correct

As the speed of the growth of the sod grass is very slow; the mower may not be used for days or months. This can affect the functions of the mower; so before using the mower make sure to check the functions.

Adjustment Of Blades According To Height

Experts have recommended that the normal height of cutting the grass has to be between 1.5 to 2.5 inches. So the height of the blades of the mower has to be adjusted according to the height you want of the grass.

Sweeping The Lawn Clean

Before mowing the Centipede Sod in your lawn; all kinds of rocks, debris and animal wastes have to be cleared. Otherwise, the blades of the mower can become blunt or even get damaged.