Tips to Get Rid of Stress and Live Happily

Massage your hands

One of the methods proven by Japanese scientists is to massage the hands to help fight stress, fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety. The rule to follow is to hold the finger for at least 60 seconds.

  • With the thumb: helps reduce emotional stress
  • With index finger: helps dispel fears and worries
  • With the middle finger: helps reduce feelings of anger, hesitation.
  • With ring finger: helps release energy to help reduce fear, negative emotions
  • With little finger: helps reduce feelings of lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem.

Temporarily away from technological equipment, gentle movement

There’s no denying that technology helps us a lot at work and in life. However, when under stress, these devices will make the patient more tired and stressed. It is better to leave the smartphone and do gentle exercise for about 30 seconds to help improve mood immediately and reduce stress effectively.

Listening to music

Music is the fear of invisible strings that connect with our emotions. When we encounter tiring stress, listening to a gentle song or a song without lyrics will help us relax and focus effectively. The genre of music that helps people reduce stress can be mentioned as Baroque music, non-verbal symphony, or gentle melodic songs, with funny lyrics, no dampness. Carrying music also brings us an uplifting spirit.

Learn to refuse and let go

If I am upset about a certain issue to stress, then think about whether it is worth thinking about. If I continue like this, I will forever run in crazy circles because the best way is to smile and take it out of your life. In this case, you can consult with family and close friends to make the best decisions.

Meet relationships instead of wasting time tormenting yourself

When encountering a problem, instead of tormenting yourself, you should meet and talk with family, friends and loved ones. This could be in person or talking on the phone. Talking with loved ones is an effective way to relieve stress because then we will be able to speak out all the problems we have, live most comfortably without worrying about the views or judgments of others. Relatives will help us to have the most objective view of the problem, thereby giving us a suitable and effective solution.

How to prevent stress

Change your mindset, live more actively

If I am upset about a certain issue to stress, then think about whether it is worth thinking about, if I continue like this, I will forever run in crazy circles, because So the best way is to smile and take it out of your life. Learn to think simply in all matters, be positive because these thoughts help us to have a more positive outlook in life and work. On the other hand, in some cases, it also helps us to calmly find ways to solve other problems in life.

Exercise regularly

This is one of the effective ways to relieve stress because exercising and exercising will help reduce the stress factors of the body, release endorphins, improve mood and naturally relieve pain.

Change healthy riverways and eating habits

Getting enough sleep and eating with a green diet has been studied to help prevent itching and stress effectively. Modifying to a healthy lifestyle stems from the smallest individual tasks such as not staying up too late, eating science, not using alcohol and drugs. This change not only helps you avoid stress, but also helps to bring a great health ready to fight under stress.

Above are the ways to reduce stress quickly and effectively. The above sharing is expected to be a knowledge base so that we can prevent and cure stress problems for ourselves and those around us.

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