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Tips for Improving Your Rooftop Bar Experience

Improving Your Rooftop Bar

Do you wish to enjoy your meal or drink in the open air? If you want to have this experience, then rooftop bars are the best places for this experience. Rooftop bars in Singapore allow individuals to have fun and also it’s an ideal place to host events, like birthdays or private meetings. However, it is essential to make sure the staff fully prepares the rooftop to hold such events and ensure guests have a great time.

This article highlights essential tips that will ensure the roof bars lights up the skyline.

Improving Your Rooftop Bar

1. Create an Instar-worthy sky bar setting

Designate a section, preferably one with a stellar skyline view, for the guest’s photo area. The guest using the rooftop bar can take photos for their social media platforms. Ensure this section has a beautiful background. Furthermore, you can write the restaurant’s social media handles for the guest to tag. This setting will improve the guest’s experience, thus increasing the rewards.

2. Consider how guests access the rooftop

Most rooftop bars in Singapore have a stairway leading to the sky bar. However, these stairways may not be ideal for the elderly and physically challenged. Thus, most restaurants should opt for placing elevators or ramps leading to the rooftop. For efficiency, let the guests know how to get to rooftops before time. Ensure that staff directs the guests on the routes to the roof tops to prevent the guests from wandering around. Lastly, the management may opt to easily read signs in the restaurant, directing the guests to the rooftop.

3. Plan for the weather

The weather might change from the sunny skies to all over a sudden dark grey cloud, then raining. Thus, it is essential to plan for the weather. The restaurant should be cautious when making a booking during the rainy season. Furthermore, the restaurants should invest in umbrellas during this season. The umbrellas can also prevent the hot sun from making the guests seek another place in the restaurant to finish their activities.

4. Mind the menu at the rooftop

Improving Your Rooftop Bar

Most sky bars in Singapore don’t have kitchen areas at the top. Thus most of the time, the waiter and waitress will be moving up and down. These movements are highly associated with spills, crashes, or falls. Thus, when you have a rooftop bar, ensure you have a bartender with all mixers, wines, and other accouterments ahead of time.

5. Prevent the wind from sweeping away the fun

A slight breeze is good for the guests. However, a gust of wind tends to be disastrous for any rooftop restaurant. From sending napkins flying and knocking down favorite drinks to sending a piece of décor to the edge of the restaurant, the wind proves to be destructive. It would help if you minimized this at all costs to improve the guest experience.

Designers recommend anchoring any fragile items with a string of heavy-duty tape. Most rooftop bars in Singapore anchor down their chairs and tables so that the wind doesn’t knock them.

The bottom line

Rooftop bars in Singapore provide the best experience for guests who want to enjoy their events in the open air. The restaurant management must ensure the guests get to the rooftop easily and safely and enjoy their moments. Following the above tips will improve the guests’ experience, thus increasing revenue for the restaurant.