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The People Behind the Animated Videos You See on the Internet

Ever wondered where do all those funny little videos that pop up here and there as you browse the Web come from? Who makes them? You know — the short, quirky animations with characters acting like they’re too cool for school? Let’s find out.

The defendant is here to admit their guilt, your honor. It’s a video production company. Yes, this may come as a surprise, but behind every video you see on the Internet, there is a company whose employees spend all of their time making all kinds of video content. Let’s take a look at two of them.

The Explainer Video Guys

Animation studios that specialize in marketing animated videos. You’ve got to watch out for them because they like to make extra sure the content they create hits you right in the belly. Those guys – and girls – mean business. And the business they’re in is all about grabbing your attention. Trust me, they won’t stop until you’re chuckling at their little videos instead of doing some actual work. 

They’ve got a whole range of tools of the trade, ready to use: a witty script, an endearing, hand-made animation, a piece of music that will be stuck inside your head for at least a week, and some cherry-on-top visual effects, designed to make your jaw drop to the floor.

Usually, an animation studio is a diverse conglomerate of talents: animators, copywriters, illustrators, sound designers, video editors and – last, but not least – producers, new business executives, and one guy or a woman in charge, who from time to time has to do all the work. That’s right, if you start an animation studio, you’d better know the business inside out and be able to take over from any of your employees.

The Live Video Guys

Another type of video production company is one that specializes only in regular type videos, featuring little to none animation. We’re talking about TV ads, short documentaries, interviews, live events, etc. You can also make an explainer video with just live shots of people! Not the same thing, though. And a lot more expensive.

The main difference between an animation studio and a regular video production company, apart from the content they create, is the talent they hire. If you shoot videos, you need a DOP or a director of photography. You need boots on the ground – directors, video producers, boom operators, gaffers – you name it. Making a regular video is a whole lot of work. And more than often, the end result may not be as great as an animated video would give you.

Which One To Choose?

Depends on your goal. Do you want a video that would explain to your potential customers the whole idea of your company and the product you are making in 30 to 60 seconds? A video that would work great with the budget you have? An explainer video that is, then. 

The quality professional animation studios are offering right now is perfect for a short video that would generate more than enough leads for you to expand your business. And at half of the cost of a live video that does more or less the same thing. If you’re a seasoned businessman, it’s the cost-benefit ratio that’s your number one priority. 

Why pay more if you can get the same outcome with less money? That’s why animation studios thrive. And that’s precisely how your company can thrive, also. Make the right choice. Expand your business. Give your customers something they can enjoy. Trust me, they will love it.