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The Invention of Night Vision – All the Details You Should Know

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Invention of Night Vision

When you think about night vision, most people assume that this is something modern. This has been available for a long time and contrary to popular belief, this did not start in America. The inventor of night vision comes from Hungary. If you would like to believe that this is someone who has done years of research and has accomplished a lot of things in life before discovering night vision, you should know that this physicist simply discovered that lights are sensitive to infrared.

The person who invented night vision is Kalman Tihanyani. The military started to realize that they can make use of this well. As you know, it can be hard for people who are fighting during the war to fight at night. They have no idea where their enemies are. They cannot plan what their next steps are going to be.

Invention of Night Vision

When night vision was invented, the first thing that they did was to place this in electronic television. The things that people have done to make use of this technology have changed tremendously over the past years. Even the gadgets that are used have already been refined and improved.

Now, it is pretty common to see a night vision clip-on. In the past, people never realized how inconvenient it was to bring large-scale equipment. They had to move around a lot and bring the night vision devices with them.

When Was Night Vision Invented?

There are no clear reports as to when the exact date was night vision invented. People are just aware that it became available in the year 1939. This started to be used by the military particularly in the Second World War.

It provided the advantage that soldiers needed. Instead of having to sleep at night, having night vision devices allowed them to see if there are enemies nearby. It helped them plan what their next moves were.

Some say that the AEG started to use night vision even before that. It may have started in the year 1935. The devices used to be heavy and big. Some of the devices would need to be carried by more than one person so that they can be transferred from one place to another.

Who Invented Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars?

A lot of the night vision goggles and binoculars that we see right now are very practical. Even commoners can purchase these items for personal reasons. For example, those who love to hunt at night can benefit from using night vision binoculars. They will see if their prey is nearby. They can also plan where they should stay so that they can start hunting properly.

Night vision goggles are being used by people who also love playing different types of sports at night. For instance, those who like playing paintball can use night vision goggles. It will help them see their enemies faster so that they can hide properly.

The real question is, when were night vision goggles created anyway? According to reports, this was first introduced in the year 1939. It was the German Army that started using this during the war. It has allowed them to see their surroundings better. They have improved this technology over the years. In fact, in the year 1943, they have started to test with other devices. They tried to use night vision with rangefinders and so much more. These rangefinders were placed in Panther tanks.

During the war, those who benefited a lot from using night vision devices were those who were part of the infantry and those who were in tanks. In the beginning, the German army had an advantage over all the others that they were fighting against. It did not take long before other people started to create their own devices.

How Night Vision Devices Changed?

The night vision technology was new back in the 1930s but the items that people used were not sophisticated. It was quite common for people to have a hard time bringing the night vision devices from one place to another. Those who had to bring it were at a disadvantage because the items were heavy. Some would need to be transported using other simple machines.

Night vision devices have been improved by different companies that manufacture them. There are now choices that are available from the color of the surroundings to the features that each device can offer. Some would prefer the usual green color tint for their night vision devices. Some would prefer red especially if they are into hunting.

You are recommended to learn as many details as you can about these night vision devices. The more that you know, the easier it will be to choose which ones will work for you and your needs. Some people would use night vision devices to protect them at night. For instance, there are night vision cameras that can be installed in some parts of smart homes. It can provide people with extra security especially if they have been experiencing some troubles lately.


The start of night vision devices may not be as stellar as some people would have hoped. Yet, it is obvious that this invention started a revolution. It made a lot of things better. The devices are expected to improve further in the years to come.