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The Best Places for Seniors in Union County, NJ

The Best Places for Seniors in Union County, NJ

When you are considering where to retire as a senior, many factors can influence your decision. From the costs of living to convenience to proximity to other places and your family. With this in mind, you can find some of the best places for seniors in Union County, NJ.

Top places for seniors in Union County, NJ

As an older adult, depending on the situation, you have several possibilities to choose from. There are:

  • Independent and assisted living
  • Nursing homes
  • Senior apartments
  • Memory and residential care
  • Home care

Each of the options has its benefits and the choice will depend solely on your needs, social care, and capabilities. Given these points, here are several places in Union County that stand out.


Summit has to offer a variety of 55+ communities that consist of everything from townhomes to condo buildings. These communities are mostly spacious and span dozens of acres. Overall, Summit has to offer various services should you decide to move and live here. One of the two most outstanding is the Spring Meadows Summit, with assisted living services. The other is Sunrise of Summit, a pretty new premium retirement community on the wonderful Passaic River. You can spend time playing golf, in country clubs, or in beautiful parks here.


Cranford is a calm, charming, and senior-friendly town with some of the best independent living. In general, it’s a convenient place for those who don’t need assistance but like the benefit of help with daily tasks and other responsibilities. Some of them include cooking, laundry, and housekeeping, with additional social activity organization. Atria Cranford would be a good place to check if you are interested.


Basically, this is one of the best mid-sized towns perfect for seniors. Assisted living in the Sunrise of Westfield is one of the best. Because supervision, care, and daily activities are done at top quality. It’s mostly oriented toward those who don’t require special medical care. But, there are communities that offer assistance with more troubling conditions like Alzheimer’s. Don’t forget to organize on time and be ready for all the expenses, if moving here is what you seek.

New Providence

An amazing place with three parks, plenty of local activities, and community events. This is one of the country’s top spots for both families and seniors. As a senior, you can choose senior apartments that pretty much look like regular apartment complexes. The only difference is that they have age restrictions and are customized to fit elders’ needs. Like handrails and non-slip flooring.

Meanwhile, you should check Lantern Hill, which has great offers for everyone’s budget. Worth considering for your retirement planning. Since they have a wide selection of apartments and are close to various shopping and dining locations. Overall, New Providence is a vibrant and distinctive place where you can also enjoy outdoor activities.

Whether you are looking for a retirement place that fits your budget, or a place with a lot of performing arts venues for retirees, you will find great places for seniors in Union County, NJ.