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Moving Supplies Checklist

Moving Supplies Checklist

Relocating to a new place means emptying each room, which equates finding the appropriate packing resources to make sure each item and fragile homeware survive the transit. Without moving supplies, you risk injuries and even attract scratches when lifting your heavy furniture. In fact, packaging supplies will help you stay organized and reduce the stress of the process. 

If you’re searching for the best moving supplies to help you prevent a disastrous process, not to worry, as we’ve helped you create the perfect moving supplies checklist to safeguard your belongings

What may be needed for packaging (list and briefly describe)?

Packing the house can take several days to complete, but packaging supplies make the process much faster. However, you need to understand that the resources you’ll need for covering your items will differ from those you’ll use to move large furniture like pianos. If you’re wondering what your new apartment supplies list will look like, consider the following: 

  • Various sizes of moving box: helps you pack all your stuff from glassware to bedroom, kitchen, sitting room and bathroom essentials. Get assorted sizes of moving boxes, including the small, medium and large ones, to fit large and delicate items. 
  • Wardrobe boxes: 
  • Packaging paper: safeguards kitchenware from surface scratch, dents, and scuffs. 
  • Bubble wrap: protects every of your valuable and delicate items from breakage.
  • Packaging tape: a pressure tape that holds your boxes together. It is used to seal and keep the box sturdy.
  • Blanket: a thick cover used to safeguard large items like a mattress, chairs and piano
  • Permanent marker: an ink-filled pen used to label and mark on surfaces. Get markers in different shades of color. 
  • Scissors: a sharp tool used to cut things like packing tape, packing paper, etc. 

What you may need to move (list and briefly describe)

Now that you have a clear idea of the packaging supplies you’ll need to wrap the homewares; it’s time to purchase the supplies that will be be helpful when you reach the new apartment. Some of them include: 

  • Bungee cord: a utility item that secures your belongings and absorbs shock, especially as the truck moves
  • Paper towels or sponge: used to clean, wipe, dry and dust surfaces.
  • Broom and dustpan: used to sweep and pack dirt surrounding your home
  • Door stoppers: keep the doors ajar as you move through them
  • Dish soap: cleans grease and oil off your dishware
  • An all-purpose cleaner: a versatile liquid cleaner used to clean furniture, bathroom, floor, kitchen and toilet.
  • Flashlight: a light source that enables visibility in dark places. 

What may be needed for lifting and carrying heavy loads?

When it comes to changing home, you’ll always have something heavy to lift, from boxes to large furniture. Lifting is never a simple task, even for movers, and most shippers won’t have specialized items to lift heavy equipment. This is why you need to consider heavy-lifting supplies like:

  • Hand truck: usually has an L design and features two large wheels. This equipment helps you wheel every heavy stuff to the moving van. 
  • Dolly: almost identical to a hand truck but has four wheels and two axels. However, they help you transport your heavy stuff from one place to another. Depending on your needs, you should consider four types of dolly: drum dolly, furniture dolly, piano dully, and pry dolly. 
  • Work gloves: a protective shield for your hands. 
  • Dolly straps: secures your belongings on the dolly on transit. 
  • Furniture sliders: protect the legs of your furniture. 
  • Back brace: can reduce pressure on the back as you lift weighty stuff. 

How to find good packing resources for the move? 

Make a list of all items before moving.

After getting to your new place, you’ll need some basic necessities like change of clothes, toiletries, food, water, bed cover, plate, cutleries and many more. Imagine living without these utensils for the first few days; that’d be a hassle. So, make a list of every basic gear and utensils you’ll need first. 

A list of supplies

You’ll also need some wrapping materials like packaging tape, various size of cardboard box, bubble wrap and many more. Make sure to create a list if all helpful supplies before going shopping. 

Purchase quality boxes

Most boxes you’ll get might be old and worn out. It’ll be best to invest in sturdy cardboards that can conveniently hold and secure your stuff.

Packing Tips

After getting the supplies, it’s time to pack up! This stage can be quite tasking for first-time movers because you’re not quite familiar with any good packing technique that can help lighten your belongings and maximize space. The good news is this packing supplies checklist has you covered. So, what tricks can help wrap each item?

  • Planning and maintaining lists: you’ll find it quite a challenge to locate items if you pack without making a list of each box content. To avoid this, create one as you pack. Also, label them. 
  • Stacking boxes at the exit: Place them close to the door when you finish packaging each box. This will make them easily accessible when loading the truck on D-day. 
  • Creating boxes of the right size: sometimes, you’ll have to package odd-shaped items, which can be difficult since boxes often have a square shape. The good news is that you can create one yourself to fit the equipment. Get tape, and scissors, cut the old carton into the shape you need and bind them with the tape. 
  • Photographing equipment electrical connectors: if you’re not quite familiar with electrical works, you should take a snapshot of their setup before disconnecting them. 


Packing the house is difficult and remains a challenge if you can’t get the right resources to make the process easy. Hopefully, this move-in supplies checklist will set you in the right place to ensure your convenience. If this article does not cover the basic information you need, especially on hiring a crating company, visit this site to find more information on the expert crating services you’ll need for your next relocation plans.