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2 Features of Product Packaging Boxes that Boost Sales

The consumer of the new age has a million options to choose from. It is hard to make your brand prominent in the crowd of competitor brands. Every way of advertising can be ignored by the customer, no matter where you are running the ad; your potential customer always has the option to skip the advertisement. What your customer cannot ignore in any case are your product packaging boxes.

When a customer shops from you, they also buy product boxes and they have to go through them to reach the actual product. This is where you can advertise your business interruptedly and now it is up to you how you custom product boxes for your business. For this purpose always, choose the best designs and companies like OBT Packaging.

How Product Packaging is Important

Getting good custom product boxes will cost you more money than basic product packaging boxes, so while designing your packaging make sure the investment you put in them makes its way back to you. The money you invest in your packaging is totally worth it. A customer makes his decision to buy a product while looking at so many aspects of it such as availability, quality, and price but packaging can help them make an impulsive decision if the packaging is done right and grabs attention.

Kinds of Product Packaging Boxes

Product packaging boxes come in a lot of designs. You can buy product boxes according to the item you are trying to sell and your budget. Here are some options you can use for your business that are easily available at OBT Packaging.

  • Basic shipping boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Easy fold mailers

All of these boxes are regularly used for packaging and shipping boxes.

Features of Product Packaging Boxes

When choosing the kind of product packaging boxes you are going to use for your brand there are so many features to look for to make them desirable for your customers. Here are some key features you should be looking for.

  • The box should be according to the weight of the product
  • The design of the box should have ample space for the product
  • Aesthetic of the packaging
  • Brand Placement

Here are two major features, which cover pretty much every aspect of a package and will help you boost your sales.

Custom Product Boxes

This feature in product packaging boxes can make your brand a winner. Making custom product boxes gives an incentive that your brand will be recognized only by looking at the package. When a package arrives at somebody’s doorstep, there is immense happiness of anticipation even in older people. The excitement of opening the package and finding the product is the same as kids.

You can make unboxing a delightful experience for your customer by making custom product boxes. Get your logo printed on the box and add some nice colors to elevate the logo. Customized printed boxes have a different feel to them. Cool illustrations would work really well too on the packaging box.

They show the interest of the business owner and the more you put the effort into the design the more your customer gets impressed. A nicely customized box has a chance of people picking it up to gift it to their loved ones on their birthdays or other occasions. Get custom tape printed to seal the boxes. Use eco-friendly packaging and write social messages.

You will be supporting social causes and your business at the same time. It is very important to be socially awake in these times and your customer does judge you for your overall views on the environment. Placement of branding matters too, make sure all the customization gets your customer’s attention.  All these customizations will help you immensely in raising the sales of your brand.

Secure Packing of Boxes

Once you have made your custom product boxes you should be paying attention to how you pack them. After putting so much effort into the design of the package, you do not afford to find cheap resorts on the quality and final packaging. Make sure you hire someone like OBT Packaging to buy product boxes. A sturdy box will guarantee the safe delivery of parcels. For Products, packaging boxes should be secure enough to hold the shape. The product inside the box should not move or get damaged during transit.

The packing and fillings should be according to the fragileness of the product. The product should safely reach the customer otherwise, all the attention given to the design will go to waste too. Product packaging boxes are the face of your brand and there should be no negligence while packing. Nothing can be as bad as your customer receiving a mushed box can. The product should reach the customer safely and your customer will surely look into ordering from you again.