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Plastic Containers: Solution for product packaging

Plastic Containers

At present, packaging has become very important in the economic activity of society, since it must not only protect, preserve and handle products, but also offer many other functions and characteristics that the market demands.

In this context, plastic is the most suitable material compared to other products such as glass, wood, cardboard, as it offers multiple advantages due to its great versatility, as they are easily adapted to meet the demands of consumers. In Southeast Asia, the level of plastic use is still quite high and many companies there can easily find a Vietnam plastic company that can meet their needs.

Manufacturers of plastic packaging today face great challenges and opportunities, since these products must not only extend shelf life, but must protect the quality, integrity and hygiene of the content. Given the demands of the producing companies, the containers must have other characteristics such as ease of handling, transportation, good design, capacity / volume and compliance with established standards, among other requirements.

That is why, for the project of a new container, the container manufacturing company has a multidisciplinary team and technological capacity, which allows it to find solutions to consumer demands. As well as, maintain a constant investment in technology to offer new, fast and innovative solutions.

The companies that most demand packaging are from the sectors linked to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and especially food and beverage companies that see PET containers as the best alternatives for their packaging, because they are versatile, durable, with a good cost / efficiency ratio, safe and light, qualities that have made PET containers the preferred ones for companies in different sectors.

Likewise, manufacturers of plastic containers must keep up to date with the latest technical advances, quality of materials, design, etc. that allows them to react quickly to changes in market trends and consumer demands. For info, Vietnam engineering plastics products have been adjusted with the latest technical needs related to quality of materials, designs, technology, and so on.

Marketing through packaging

Packaging has become one of the main means of communication between producers and consumers, being considered a powerful marketing and sales tool by companies. The containers, in addition to the functions of containing the product, protecting, preserving, must also have other characteristics to promote the sale, that is, have good visibility, attractiveness, display capacity, offer information and identification, please the consumer, good design, factors that influence the purchase decision at the point of sale. As it is well said “The container sells”

It is very important for companies, when choosing a container for a certain product, to have market studies and consumer behavior, since it is necessary to consider the most important aspects they make for the purchase decision, such as the brand, the quality, presentation, information, design, color, logo, etc. that must be seen with the naked eye in a very competitive market.

Packaging can play a key role in the success or failure of a product’s sales

The way in which a product is packaged can be what attracts the consumer and help sell the product, since it allows potential customers to obtain the necessary information to make a purchase decision, that is, it must stand out, promote the sale and transmit the brand image faithfully.

Likewise, when choosing the type of container for a product, the employer must take into account production costs, it is here, where plastic has a great advantage over other materials, such is the case of PET containers, which are the ones with the greatest acceptance, use and production in recent years.

The PET container is a special type of plastic that is used mainly for packaging beverages and food, as they do not transmit odor and flavor to the product. It has many advantages due to low weight, excellent final finish, shiny and transparent, and they are 100% recyclable.Finally, the flexibility of PET, allows creating containers of various designs, shapes and at the same time being very resistant, it is an inert material, which makes it very safe for packaging, food, medicine among other products, as well as allowing the consumer to appreciate the product and its condition.