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Teeth Whitening: Facts That You Must Know About

There are tons of controversies that revolve around the teeth whitening procedure. While the world is segregated between those who believe and those who don’t, it’s better if we look at the actual facts about this popular dental procedure.

Teeth Whitening procedure is basically adopted to get rid of stains from teeth and make them look brighter. A prior appointment must be taken from a teeth whitening dentist Canberra or from any other location.

Now because of the popularity of this procedure, there are many teeth whitening products available in the market that can be used without professional help. If you need a recommendation, simply call the dentist in arlington tx. However, the results may not be how you expect.

It’s always better to seek professional aid from a reputed dentist to carry out the procedure. And if you’re one of those who are intimidated to visit them or believe in the controversies then let’s shine a little light on them shall we?

1. Teeth have pores and they absorb stuff

You may or may not know this but teeth have pores in them. Yeah! This is the reason why your teeth are prone to staining as they absorb anything that you put in your mouth.

Edibles such as coffee, tea, wine and even the habit of smoking can actively cause your teeth to stain. The prolonged consumption of these items can make your teeth stain even more. Thus, making them extremely tough to get rid off.

A perfect concoction of teeth whitening gel formulated by expert dentists works best to get rid of these stains. As the gel is absorbed by your teeth and they do their work by pushing out the stains gently through the teeth pores.

2. No! Teeth whitening do not cause damage to your teeth

This might be the most common thing which you have heard about teeth whitening procedure. This is the reason why so many out there are unsure to get this procedure done even if they want to.

However, the fact is teeth whitening procedure done by an expert professional is absolutely safe. You may feel a little sensitivity after the procedure but that’s because of the active ingredients used during the process.

These ingredients open up your teeth pores and react to lift out the stains from the teeth. Your teeth get back in normal condition after a few hours or so.

3. Delivery device is the real deal in teeth whitening process

The reason why DIY teeth whitening products do not work is because the delivery device to hold the ingredients on your teeth is not up to the mark. For achieving accurate results from this process, the delivery device holds a great importance.

A custom-made teeth whitening tray is really important for getting those ingredients to reach every corner of your teeth. Professional dentists put their time to create a delivery device as per the dimensions of your teeth.

Hence, giving you impressive results from it.

4. White is not the natural color of teeth for all

If you expect that your teeth will surely become dazzling white after the teeth whitening procedure then you are absolutely wrong. This process only removes the stains accumulated on your teeth and does nothing to change the natural color of your teeth.

Now, the color of your natural teeth may not be white. Not everyone is blessed with white as their natural teeth color. The color really depends on the genetic makeup that is set at birth.

So, if your natural color ain’t white then the teeth whitening process cannot turn them into the white color. Yes but it sure will get rid of all the stains and regain your actual natural color.


These are just some hardcore facts about teeth whitening that you must learn about before considering to opt for this process. There are many out there who expect unpractical results from teeth whitening dentist Canberra or in other location-based clinics. Since they are unaware of the facts. The above list will enlighten you with some actual real facts.