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Tactics for Growing your Audience on Pinterest

Growing your Audience on Pinterest

Pinterest is like a visual search engine, and it also organically drives a lot of traffic from Google. You may have already noticed this, whenever you search for an image on Google, most of the time, those images direct to Pinterest. That is a great way to increase your reach and ultimately followers. However, many Pinterest users find it hard to remain consistent, and being consistent is the number one tactic that you need to implement in your Pinterest account growth strategy. If you’re wondering how to gain Pinterest followers using other useful techniques, read the article below.

Optimize Your Pins

Just like you would optimize an article to rank it on Google, you also need to optimize your Pinterest posts for them to show on the top of the search result where thousands of other posts will also be visible. Indeed it is a competition, but with the right strategy, you will be able to bring your post to the top.

You should always search for the relevant hashtags your competitors are using in their pins. Additionally, whatever you search for on Pinterest, you will see several keyword recommendations in the search bar. Using them in the description or title of your pins will help boost your pins.

Use Clear and Aesthetically Pleasing Images

Pinterest is all about attractive visuals and if a user finds them attractive enough they will most likely click it than not. Make sure you use a vibrant color theme while making a pin for your image. Pins that feature titles in the image are more likely to be clicked than the ones that don’t.

For instance, you can add a “How to Bake Gooey Cookies” in the image of your pin. You can use Canva as it’s quite user-friendly and has tons of free images to use. Also, make sure your pin image is not “crowded” as it will make it hard for the users to view and read.

Cross-Promote Your Pinterest Account

If you have plenty of followers on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can use them to your own advantage. You can post a cool screenshot of one of your pins and ask them to follow you on your Pinterest account for more creative content. But make sure you don’t sound overly self-promoting yourself.

You can also run a contest on one of your social media accounts and the main rule to enter that contest or giveaway would be to follow you on Pinterest. This will definitely make your follower count go up.

Keeps Your Pins Completely Original

With so many fancy ideas popping on your feed, you may feel tempted to copy the post at some point. You should never give in to such temptation. You should always post original and unique content on your Pinterest account as users are always craving for something new, fun, and special that will give them a solid reason to follow a particular account.

You can keep a journal with you and jot down your own ideas for the kind of content you want to post along with how you want the visuals of the pin to appear in the feed. This can help you stay distinctive and at the top of the game.