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6 Reasons to Check out Some Swiss Army Knives for Sale

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Swiss Army Knives for Sale

Everyone is familiar with Swiss Army Knives. Whether that familiarity goes only as far as one of their little lozenge-shaped pocket knives or one of their rescue tools is another matter, but this is a case of a brand that has a lot of recognition. When it comes to brand awareness, Swiss Army Knives are way up there at the top. They’ve worked their way into everyday life and can be found everywhere from junk drawers to jeans pockets to glove boxes to hunting packs.

They’re ergonomic, comfortable to use and carry, lightweight, and don’t even compromise on function. Any given selection from a catalog of Swiss Army Knives for sale is going to come up with a number of stellar designs that are wildly practical for accomplishing a number of different objectives. That’s high-speak though – to put it plainly, Swiss Army Knives are useful. Check out these six reasons to add one to your pack.

1. Comfort

One of the best things about a Swiss Army Knife is the fact that it’s going to be comfortable, not only to use but to carry. Before you ever pick one up and put it to work, it will fit right out of the way on your hip or in your pocket.

Some of their models lay right flat inside a pocket and you’ll never even notice them. At the same time, pick one up to use it and you will find it pleasantly rounded, with no hot spots, and comfortable to hold. Some of their larger models have palm swells or are knurled to increase grip and comfort.

2. Weight

Even the largest Swiss Army pocket knife is going to weigh in at a few ounces. Some of their smaller versions are under an ounce or close to it. They’re comfortable, as we stated, but they’re convenient and weigh almost nothing as well.

3. Space

Then there’s the fact that they take up such little space. That ties directly into the two features above, but it’s worth noting. Unlike many larger bulkier fixed blades that can take up a lot of room in a pack when it isn’t on your belt, most Swiss Army Knives will take up almost no space.

4. Quality

Victorinox is well known for the quality with which they build their knives and tools. With extremely rugged scales and handles, their tools are built to last. Their blades are generally made of high-quality grades of stainless steel as well.

5. Functionality

Here’s the best reason to get yourself a Swiss Army Knife if ever there was one. A Swiss Army Knife, whether a Classic SD or a Spirit Multi Tool is going to be loaded down with features that extend far beyond just a blade. Even the smallest of models has a blade, scissors, and typically a file, tweezers, and a pick. The larger ones get up to 40 tools.

6. History

If you needed one more boost, how about the fact that Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Tools just have a really awesome and colorful history? Founded well over 100 years ago, Victorinox has a long history of creating practical, rugged tools for the Swiss – that was so functional their fame spread far outside of the country.

How’s that for six great reasons to pick up some Swiss Army Knives for sale? You will find a huge range of products from the simplest, littlest designs for everyday carry and backup to serious multi-tools that you can use to make repairs on your car or around the house. Plus, the prices are great and shipping on all orders is free!