How To Draw Avengers Logo, How To Draw Avengers Logo

How To Draw Avengers Logo

Today we’re going to how to draw avengers logo. So, let’s get started to draw this avenger’s logo. If possible, we need to create a perfect circle. I’m using this cup as my circle template. So, I’m just going to go ahead and trace around it. I’m starting with a circle because I don’t have access to all different sizes of circles. So just by starting with a circle. First, it’ll determine my logo size, and then it’s just a little bit easier to have a circle template to trace from afterward. So now that I have a circle in. I don’t have another and I was looking for another circle template to trace for the inside. But since I can’t find anything close. I’m just going to go ahead and wing it. So, I’m just going to go ahead and try my best to create another circle here.

How To Draw Avengers Logo, How To Draw Avengers Logo

Just following my outside so I’m just going to use my outside as a guide and go slowly around to create this board right here. The circle around the an of course. If you have another circle template that you can use on the inside. Use it and if you have access to all kinds of circle sizes. Then definitely draw the first and then put the circle around it. So, this is going to look like I’m trying my best here. It’s always harder because the outside circle is so perfect. When you try to draw the inside, you can tell. It’s not okay so we have that in. Now we can go ahead and start with the A. So, I’m going to come into this corner right here. Now I’m going to first start by away drawing this triangle.

So, I’ll just give myself a point I know I have this shape right here. So, let’s just say right here right in this corner. I’m going to start and about the same thickness. So about right here I’m going to go ahead and draw a straight line and remember cuties. We are free to hand this. So, it will not be perfect. We just want to get a good estimate of a rough-eyed drawing of the logo. So now that I have this triangle in. I can go ahead and draw my arrow. So just giving myself a little bit of space and using this same angle. I’m going to go up and it’s going to come out a tiny bit more. This is still going straight up and I’m going to create my arrow here. So, this being my center.

Draw Avengers Logo

I’m going to say about right here. If you like to use a ruler do that. As well if you like there okay the triangle. I’m going to skip space again just like this bottom part right there and go up. So, say about right here it’s easier for my hand to come down. I’m just going to bring this down right here. So, it’ll all come to it’ll start to look better. Once we shade everything in, we want to get the main elements in. So, from there I’m going to come to this point right here and create the slant for me A. I’m going to bring it down to about this level right here and go right across and imagine this coming through. So about right here because that’s where it needs to go on.

This level goes right across and then we can continue this down. We’re going to pop it out beyond the circle about that much. So, let’s come back up here imagine this going through nice and straight as best. As we can you’ll always go in there and adjust it later. Because everything is black here, I don’t care that I’m going through the lines. So about right here I’m going to go ahead and draw a straight line over the top of my a. The same thickness as I’m going to start to bring it down. So just I’m going to follow the angle. I’ve created and keep bringing it down and like I said you can make adjustments easy. Because everything is black so now that you take a look.

It looks a little too thin over here. So, I’m just going to bring it out a little bit more and beef it up. Maybe I should get a ruler out because I am drawing tutorial for beginners pretty big. There much better so than down a straight line and that is pretty much it for the logo. So, I’m just going to go in and shade everything. We can see a little bit better and make any adjustments needed. So, they’re pretty much done. Now that we filled it in hopefully. You can see a little bit better and what I did notice of the logo with this a right here. It gets a little bit wider. As we come down so that’s why I went ahead and made give it more of an angle. So, this bottom part is wider and from there.

I’m going to go ahead how to draw avengers logo and get a white out pen. Because right here we need to give it some space. So, if you’re using a pencil that would be easy just erase this area right here. If you’re using a sharpie like I am just get a whiteout pen or white acrylic paint. Let’s say you can make any adjustments with your white everything. A little bit sharper wait for it to dry. You can go back in with another layer. So, they’re all done I hope I made this freehand drawing of the avenger’s logo.

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