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Some Common Challenges Faced by Android App Developer

Android App Developer

When creating mobile apps, businesses aim Android because of its huge all-inclusive mobile operating system market allocation. But, there are some general challenges also that are faced by Android App Developers, which are as follows:

1) Software disintegration

The market allocation of individual editions of Android varies. Every latest edition of Android comes with various latest attributes and developments. The developers need to consist of particular attributes in the app to make it bring the most favorable user know-how by taking benefit of these latest features.

At the similar time, they also require making sure that the application delivers well-off and customized user experience on devices controlled by older editions of Android.

2) Differing hardware attributes

Not like other mobile OS, Android is an open-source OS. Alphabet permits device producers to personalize its operating system as per their particular requirements.

Also, it does not control the Android devices introduced by different manufacturers. Thus, the devices come with differing hardware attributes in spite of being powered by a similar edition of Android.

3) No consistent user platform designing procedures or rules

Google has not issued any normal user interface (UI) designing procedure or rules for the mobile application developers. Thus, many developers create Android apps without going after any standard UI development procedure or rules.

When the developers make conventional UI interfaces in their individual manner, the applications do not work constantly crossways diverse devices. The smart developers choose a reactive outline to keep the UI reliable crossways various devices.

4) API inaptness

Many developers employ third-party APIs to improve the mobile application’s working and interoperability. But the value of third-party APIs accessible for Android application developers varies. Some APIs are planned for a specific edition of Android.

5) Security errors

Its open-source environment creates it simpler for device producers to personalize Android as per their specific requirements and in ios app we found problem like how to lock apps iphone. But the ingenuousness and its huge market share created Android susceptible to recurrent safety attacks. The developers need to involve forceful safety attributes in the app.

6) Search engine visibility of Android

The newest data published on different websites portray that Google Play Store has a much-increased number of mobile applications than the Apple App Store. In addition, a big ratio of Android phone users chooses free applications to paid applications. Thus, the developers need to make their mobile applications insistently to achieve higher download numbers and execute app monetization alternatives.

7) Patent problems

The users have an alternative to select from various Android applications providing the same attributes and working. But developers frequently find it intimidating to create apps with sole attributes and working. They frequently involve attributes and working in the application that makes it the same to a number of applications accessible in a similar group in the Play store.

Not like Apple, Google does not execute strict rules to assess the value of new applications being put forward to its application store.

 Thus, the developers also require addressing a number of general issues in Android app testing.