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7 Solutions for Wedding Card Boxes at Reasonable Prices

When it comes to making the wedding day of any couple special, it all starts with sending invitations to events in innovative and luring packaging designs that are perfect for hooking the attention of guests. Wedding card boxes manufactured of cardboard can be perfect in this situation as they are versatile in nature and can be customized using a number of different printing and lamination options.

The versatility of the material helps in acquiring unique shapes in different sizes along with the sturdy nature that helps to keep the placed invitation free of damage. There are also endless customization and printing options available for the packaging design that can help to enrich the visuals in a dynamic manner. Consumers can also make use of gold and silver foiling options in order to emboss the name of the couple for elevating the level of joy for them. 

The tradition of sending wedding cards is inherited in our culture for decades, and it is always important to decorate these invitations in a vivid manner. Wedding card boxes manufactured of cardboard can be the best as they are not only sturdy in structure but can also be printed with a number of different options.

Why do they matter?

A wedding is the biggest day in the life of any person, and it is always essential to make the day perfect and memorable. The arrangement for the function starts as early as sending the invitations to the guests, and it is always important to impact them in a memorable way.

Invitations are plain pieces of paper board and are never enough to allure the guest in a better manner, but the modern custom wedding card boxes have the perfect potentials to do so. These boxes are manufactured of high-quality materials such as cardboard and Kraft that are superior in sturdy nature and can keep the invitations secured in a better way. 

There is also a variation in designs available as wedding card packaging manufacturers are always working hard to provide their consumers with the most innovative and eye-popping designs. As these boxes are manufactured of cardstock, they can also be printed in creatively designed graphics that suit the theme of your function and work as a tangible memory of your event for the guests. Here are some of the unique and cost-effective designs of wedding card boxes for receptions that can help you.

Sleeves boxes

It is always important to hook the attention of your guests in the most exclusive way to invite them to your ceremony. Packaging can help you in the process as it is bespoke; you are only required to select the innovative format that suits the theme of your function.

Sleeves boxes

Sleeves can be the right choice as they are versatile and can be added to any existing design in addition to their highly customizable nature that helps you to make a concrete impact on the minds of guests.

Printed pillows

When it comes to fancy and favor packaging, pillow boxes are, without any doubt, the king in the spectrum. They are alluring in design due to their distinct structure in addition to several printing and lamination options available for the format that can help provide the guests with a better experience. You can also ask the wedding card packaging providers to make use of the printing option to imprint the name of the couple in vivid colors and make the style perfect to be used for the occasion.

Print the floral

Everyone likes flowers, and this is the basic reason that floral design printing is everywhere. You can make use of the floral patterns on invitation card packaging to elevate the visuals in the best ever manner. You can use options in order to print darker and lighter themes of the floral on the packaging and make an eye-popping impression in front of the guests.

Birdcage format

It is always important to use innovative designs that are alluring in nature and can make a long-lasting impact on the minds of guests. You can make use of the customization options available for the packaging in order to acquire a unique and exclusive structure for the packaging. Wedding card packaging designs can be elevated by using laser and die-cutting, and the birdcage structure is simple, thus impressive, and can help you in a better way.

Basket style

Cardboard is a highly effective material as there are a number of customization options that can help you to convert the simplest packaging into the ultimate attention-grabbing machine.

Basket style

Manufacturers can make use of the die-cut technique to mold the material in a creative basket or suitcase structure in order to provide the guests with the best ever experience.

Gable packaging

One of the unique cardboard packaging styles that can help you to package invitation cards is the gable boxes. These boxes are highly unique to be used as they are like a gift on their own. Their unique structure of lid baskets with additional handles on the top can help you to engage the guests and provide them with the most effective experience.

Letterbox style

One of the trendiest and unique-looking packaging formats for invitations is letterbox design. These unique wedding card boxes are like miniature letterboxes and can be printed in metallic colors to provide more distinct looks. Gold and silver foiling can also be used to print the name of the couple on these boxes.