KCJ Guide: 5 Tips for planning Landscape Design in Dubai., KCJ Guide: 5 Tips for planning Landscape Design in Dubai.

Are you willing to change your landscape design? Are you looking for inspiration to design your landscape? Then you’re on the right spot.

We at KCJ Landscaping Dubai have the reputation and expertise in commercial landscaping across Dubai. We offer the best landscape service and with the help of our expert architects, we strive to construct amazing landscapes in the UAE.

In this blog, we are going to educate you on the things which you must consider while planning your landscape design. Here are 5 the tips for planning landscape design in Dubai!

1. Understand your yard.

While planning for a landscape design you must consider the climate, topography and the soil of your region. In Dubai, the climate is hot and humid and the soil is sandy. Vegetation supporting these climate regions can only grow in Dubai. It’s very important to understand these factors and then decide the landscape design.

Also, a best landscape design will promote the water movement towards your yard instead of your home.

2. Keep free spaces.

Look at your yard as another room of your home. Won’t you need free spaces for walking, playing or gardening?

 It’s best to keep free spaces in your yard and plan for the vegetation accordingly. Consider the area with bright sunlight and plant there. The areas with low or no sunlight will not promote vegetation. Thus, keeping this in mind you can judiciously plan your landscape design.

3. Plant as per your climate.

Many people head straight to a local gardening supply and start the selection for a landscape design. However, you must create a plan for the right plants you need.

Dubai is a desert region with a hot and humid climate. Sandy and saline soil is found in the Dubai region. The plants which support this climate and soil must be grown by you. Plants of tropical hibiscus, date and flame tree can grow in Dubai.

Would you like to have the best plant seeds which don’t grow in your region? No, right? Choose the vegetation as per the climate of your region.

4. Who will use your garden?

Think about the people who will use your garden. Will your children play in it? Don’t forget to consider your pets. Make the garden design of your landscape as per the people who will be using it. And judiciously design the landscape.

5. Style your garden as per your likes.

Lastly, make sure your garden reflects your personality and makes you feel relaxed. Create a resemblance of your garden with your home. This will give an aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

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