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6 Social Apps for Cannabis Lovers – Say ‘Hi’, Get ‘High!’

social media networks for cannabis

If you like talking about cannabis and are looking for a ‘high-on-life’ cannabis society, here is a jackpot of a few social media apps and networks. Here, you can do your thing without being judged by sober people who don’t like or blaze cannabis.

Whether you’re a recreational, medical, or casual weed user or a cannabis connoisseur, there’s something for everyone in the cannabis community. In fact, if you’re looking to date someone who admires cannabis, too, there are many dating apps available online that you might find interesting.

Top 6 Cannabis Social Media Networks to Join

Cannabis has always been a shared experience. As a prohibited object, users gathered together under the shadows to ‘rock n roll.’ Now that many states have legalized it, the cannabis society is getting popular. The following social media networks for cannabis offer users a stage to post blogs about their personal experiences, likes, and dislikes. Members can also suggest strains, dispensaries, and support for events.

Here are the most popular social networking apps you should join if you love ‘joint.’


GrassCity offers panels for open debate of cannabis issues from product reviews, favorite dispensaries and retailers, and many more. The boards also recommend trending subjects.

But that’s not it! The site has something more for you. You’ll see a tab for the Latest News updates on hundreds of new weed strains. Along with the discussion panel, GrassCity sells cannabis products as well.

While you can buy discounted products at GrassCity Headshop, there’s no doubt that you’ll get a top-notch product when you shop here. GrassCity makes it convenient for you to get to know a product before you order it. With this, you can have absolute certainty when you click the checkout tab.

When you do a Google search for anything related to marijuana or weed consumption, you’ll find GrassCity in your search results. It is indeed one of the best sites to go for answers to just about any problem.


For anyone who burns, tokes, or enjoys marijuana, this is the best social networking app to be on. It’s an application that’s free on both Android and iOS programs.

If you’re single and ready to mingle with someone who loves weed just like you, Duby is your place. It’s basically a mixture of tinder, Twitter, and Instagram. The only difference is that this app is for cannabis lovers only.

You’ll find all kinds of features like videos and stories. You can also search users through their photos and choose if you like them or not.

For the profiles you like, you need to click “Put out,” and for those you don’t, just snap “pass.” The fact is even though it’s an attractive social network with a fair number of users, it still needs some improvements. But, if you are searching for a great social networking platform for cannabis users, this is where to check.

High There!

High There! is what originated as a common marijuana dating app is now your all-in-one cannabis-friendly social networking, dating app, and cannabis marketing social network.

It’s an open social networking app that links canna lovers according to their favorite strains or selected device. At High There! you can post your photo, and members can swipe images right or left.

Chatting with like-minded people is fun. There’s a group for everyone at High There!, from interested to seasoned smokers, THC to CBD, recreational to medical cannabis users.

You can create your brief 420-character profile that describes your interests, moods, and likes. This application is home to those who have been rejected for their habits and need a society of similar mindsets. The only downside of High There! is that you can not be a part of it if weed is illegal in your state.


PotBot, being an aptly named application, simplifies the research and selection process for novices to medical marijuana, who might not know which strain is most suitable for their symptoms or which consumption method is best for them.

The science-backed programming of PotBot takes into account the user’s health requirements and prior experience with weed before making a careful and systematic plan. By linking peer-reviewed and HIPAA-compliant data, PotBot identifies the right cannabinoid levels and strains for each medical marijuana patient.

With the latest update, the users can provide feedback on how different strains made them feel and efficiently treat their condition. Thus, PotBot is an excellent option for new members of the medicinal marijuana family.


Being a vital source for anyone involved in marijuana, the Leafly app records every cannabis strain possible and how they’re going to affect you, along with reviews of stores. This app is also important for anyone interested in medical marijuana because it provides information on using specific strains for your disease.

You can read the recent cannabis news and lifestyle information with Leafly News & Culture, where you’ll see Cannabis 101 resources, the most advanced medical marijuana studies, legalization updates, and other exciting content on cannabis. You can also watch video clips to learn how to grow and use marijuana, make your own weed edibles, and much more.

With the Leafly app, you’ll stay updated about the cannabis world and impress your friends with exciting information about marijuana they won’t know.


Comparatively new on the picture, WeeLife is a fast-growing cannabis social networking application. While it still endures from the random glitch, users love this network enough to stay and even inspire others to join.

WeedLife is more into giving information about everything related to weed. So, you’ll consistently find clips, business plans, genuine business, cannabis products, articles on growing cannabis, and so much more.

The thing is, if you’re looking for anything related to weed, you’ll find it here. Of course, since it’s comparatively new, it still has some flaws it needs to work on. Other than that, it’s a somewhat decent place to get all your cannabis-related news.

What Next?

Now that you have a list of the most popular cannabis social networks, your next move is to choose one or more which piques your interest and join!

To set up a user account, most online social networks related to cannabis only ask for the minimum details, being your name, email, and phone number.